Monday, September 7, 2015

Rick and Morty #1 Review

Welcome to Jim's Just for the Hell of it Monday Review.  Grab a snack and get comfy as I begin this week by telling you about one of my favorite shows on television, Rick and Morty.  While it's been on since 2013, I have only become aware of it since about a month ago.  Eric (you know, America's Sweetheart) told me about it and like most things he tells me about, I avoided it at all costs.  When I finally got around to watching it, however, I loved it.  You'll never hear me say that Eric was right, but a show with a deranged and inappropriate Doc Brown (Rick) hauling a whining, neurotic Marty (Morty) around the universe and beyond is a show made for me.  Believe me, no matter how it looks, this show is not for kids...except my kids it seems.  While I was watching my first episode ("Raising Gazorpazorp"), three of my kids came in the room and all of them yelled, "Oh cool, Rick and Morty!" Chalk another one up for my parenting skills!  I will play that off as an example of how good a show Rick and Morty is and while kids shouldn't watch it, they may enjoy it all the same.  Fast forward to this past week's podcast (HERE) where I swore to Eric that there isn't a Rick and Morty comic.  I was dead wrong and with that, I give you Rick and Morty #1.

Written by: Zac Gorman
Art by: CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 1, 2015
Publisher: Oni Press

Playing the Market

The issue opens up with Jerry telling Morty that he needs to get a job and of course, in this universe, that can only lead to a couple of things...Rick insulting Jerry and then taking Morty on some crazy adventure to make Jerry look like a complete and utter moron.  That's exactly what happens and while the insult is the standard "How'd that work out for you, Jerry?", the adventure is classic Rick and Morty.  They two are off to break the Inter-Galactic Stock Exchange and become filthy rich.

The first thing that fans of the show will notice is how spot on the comic looks to the show.  Everything looks pretty much exact.  The next thing they'll notice is that the dialogue follows suit.  I could actually hear the voice actors while reading it and nothing felt out of place.

The issue centers around an invention of Rick's that can predict the future and thus, predict the stock market.  Sounds simple, but to get things rolling, Rick has to register Morty at the actual Inter-Galactic Stock Market and so they jump in the space ship and away they go.  The rub of it all is that Rick is not allowed to step foot in said building.

When the two of them arrive at the stock market, they are immediately recognized by Professor Tock, a Dr. Who/Flavor Flav looking time detective with a penchant for time puns.  Again, this character fits so well in this universe and I only wish that he would have appeared in the show.  It's obvious Tock has his eyes on the two, but let's them go on with their business.  Their business is to register Morty and they do just that.

Without warning, we flash forward some time ahead and see that Rick's plan was a success.  They are filthy rich.  Adding a ten million dollar expansion to the house rich.  You would think that everything is all Pinatas and RC Cola, but you would be wrong.  

Thus starts the best part of the story.  It seems that the money has gone to Morty's head and he feels that Rick is just dead weight.  The dialogue between the two is hilarious and when Rick drops the bomb of what the stock market predictor actually is, it is awesome and so fitting Rick.  Meanwhile, Professor Tock arrives on the scene and with the help of Jerry, apprehends the two time criminals. The issue ends with a funny bunch of news reports before telling us to come back next issue.

While I really enjoyed this issue, it surprises me that this is an ongoing story.  I think it would have been better served as a series of one-shot episodes, but that's just me and I have no control over anything on this planet.  Like I said, I really enjoyed this issue and think that anyone looking to get a little more Rick and Morty will feel the same.  

Bits and Pieces:

If you are a fan of the Rick and Morty the TV show, there is no reason you won't be a fan of this comic.  CJ Cannon's art looks exactly like the show and Zac Gorman's script is spot on as well.  If you don't like the show, nothing here will change your mind because you have neither a funny bone or a soul.  And that's the WA-A-A-AY the review goes.


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