Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Weird Side #3

Story and Art by: Paul B.

Hello Weirdos and welcome to another issue of The Weird Side.  This week's issue continues the plight of Dan as he tries to get his segment started, a pivotal moment in the Glen's life and a bunch of podcast highlights including the most uncomfortable moment in my life...EVER!  I hope you enjoy it all and thanks goes to Paul for his awesome work once again!!!

Dan's Dilemma Part 3

Is this the end of Dan?  We can't be that lucky...right?

Puppet Master: Glen's Revenge part 3

Luckily, that wasn't an Ice Cream Truck!

Blast From the Cast

I'm scared! 
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  1. Paul, thank you. The last one with Eric is now officially my Wallpaper.

  2. Thanks! I wonder how Eric feels about having his life flash before his eyes being used as a wallpaper.

    1. Are you kidding...he is so vain...he loves it!

  3. This comic strip is truly glorious!


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