Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Weird Side #17

Words and Art by: Paul B.

Another Weird Side is upon us and I can only imagine what Paul has for us.  Actually, Paul and myself are usually on the same wave length so there are some things that I just know will make the cut the minute they come out of Eric or my mouth.  I guess that's what we get for being such awful people!  Enjoy!!!

Glen's Revenge:

Jim hates Tony the Tiger!

Jim loves church gatherings?

Eric's FMK: Hobos?!

Eric's FMK: Ronald McDonald?!?!

Jim's got the right tool for the job:

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  1. Jim really has it out for Tony the Tiger

    1. And that's the thing Tony will be slanging that sugary shit FOREVER. No way they stop that cash machine. Wait.. I got it. We somehow get Tony involved in some sort of scandal. I'm thinking he's around kids all the time so how hard would it be.


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