Monday, July 10, 2017

Marvel Monday's Melee Madness - Week of 7/5/2017

Marvel Monday Melee Madness – Week of 7/5/2017

Welcome back to Marvel Monday Melee Madness where we spotlight the most outrageous, fantastic, marvelous, and eye catching moments in the releases of the books from Marvel Comics in the week that’s past us by. 

Did you not have enough cash to buy all the books you wanted? Did you try reading your books while your kid was screaming in your ear while your girlfriend made demands from the kitchen and miss something? Well that’s what we’re here for so jump in and check out some spotlight moments hand picked from the Get Fresh Crew (Whoop Whoop)!

SPOILER ALERT from this point forward!


Baby Groot, meet Gabby ... Gabby, meet Baby Groot.  All the Awwwww's ensue. 


Weekly reminder to not f**k with Jane Foster as Thor. Unless you can catch lightening then by all means f**k with Jane Foster. 


The issues goes through several different art styles in the issue. It changes when we get a glimpse of things from Deadpool's point of view ... for example I appreciate these.


IRON FIST #5 (Get Fresh Crew Suggestion, WHOOP WHOOP)

Iron Fist, laying down the law, you know with his Iron Fist ... how else silly!

Spider-Man Master Plan #1

Classic splash page alert! Watch the master go to work.

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