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Welcome to Weird Science DC Comics Blog.  I know this is where we are supposed to put things that make us seem cool and as the kids say "groovy", but that would be a flat out lie.  We are a bunch of lazy, socially awkward guys who love comics.  Our goal is to review every DC Comics book and while that takes up every moment of our free time, we do it for the fame and fortune.  If that wasn't enough, We also bring you Previews, News, Interviews and Articles.  Yes, we have no lives.

Jim Werner

Jim is known to be a snazzy dresser by nobody and has little to no dance moves. That hasn't stopped him from being voted the laziest man in Wales three years running and it looks like a fourth is in the bag.  Jim is often seen with Lorenzo rolling in a Benzo and he never, ever puts shoelaces in his Adidas.  He is currently being medicated for various mental illnesses, but it really feels like a losing cause.  Besides Reviews, Jim has to deal with Eric each week on the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast.  He may look like Fatty Arbuckle, but inside he is actually Mae West.  Don't judge him or he will just run away and cry.

Eric Shea

After narrowly escaping death from his girlfriend after airing her dirty laundry..... and dildos on the Weird Out Loud podcast, Eric now enjoys the simpler things in life, like Imaginext Batman figures and trying to figure out continuity between sequels in horror flicks.  In addition to reviews for the site, Eric also puts together the "Checking The Numbers" segment of the site that looks at the estimated sales for DC Comics and at some point in the future he'll try to get onto some digital titles, while trying to reclaim his "America's Sweetheart" status.

Reggie Hemingway

When he was seven years old, Reggie saw his first comic book—a reprint of Zap Comix #1—and has been in love with the medium ever since. Arguably the site’s biggest nerd, his collection of 1939 World’s Fair memorabilia and the entire set of Dinosaurs Attack! trading cards makes the other contributors look like jocks. Reggie is a fan of hip-hop music, which he approaches with the same obsessive collector’s mentality as his other stupid interests. Besides contributing comic book reviews, Reggie specializes in exposing the stranger side of comic books in his Just For the Hell Of It Mondays reviews and the series Weird Comic Bookery.

Feel Free to email us at weirdsciencedccomics@gmail.com

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