Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Basketful of Heads #5 Review

Writers: Joe Hill
Artist: Leomacs
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Deron Bennet
Editors: Mark Doyle & Amedeo Turturro
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 26th, 2020

Last month in Baskets: After decapitating Hammond and putting him in the basket with Puzo, June drove to the police station only to find the power out there as well, and the sheriff's son Hank is the only one there holding down the fort. She gave him a semi-truthful explanation on what happened (leaving out the murders and the talking heads part) and he gave her a bag of clothes and let her change in a prison cell... only to lock her in.

And man is Hank an idiot because he tells her everything! Not before he uses a taser on a puddle she's standing in to electrify the piss out of her (literally) first. I'm no detective but I think it was the second issue where I figured out what was going on here but I just didn't know why, and Liam tells us. Yes, the inmates are dead. That man didn't fall down the steps; they killed him. Puzo is a deputy. Hamilton is in on it. The sheriff is orchestrating it. So my theory was correct. But why?

The kid spills the beans because obviously, he can't keep his mouth shut. And June plays it out great, egging him on to tell more while also making comments on how much of an asshole he is. Long story short: he got a helper pregnant. She had an Aerosmith ankle tattoo. I mean, that's pretty hot so I can't blame him. He tries to deny that she hit her in the stomach to cause a miscarriage and that she fell down the stairs but the imagery says otherwise. His mother paid her to $10,000 to go away but the sheriff bullied her until she committed suicide. Whether or not that money was in her backpack like Puzo claimed it was is yet to be seen. But Hank, while he was high, confessed to Liam what happened, while Liam was wearing a wire.

And Hank is getting into politics. He's an aid to a congressman, and while he was at a conference at the FBI Boston Branch and printing some copies at the Xerox machine he overheard some agents talking about an agent called "Ragnarok" (remember the sheriff collects Norse trophies) or L.E. (Liam Ellsworth), and they had a map with a circle and arrow around their house on Brody Island. So later Hank snooped around on the boat that Liam was staying on while he was at work and found a cassette case with "Police Evidence" written on it (why you would actually write that on a case, I have no idea) but couldn't find the tape.

They want the tape because the tape contains what happened to this girl. If it gets out then Hank's career in politics is over and the kid is going to jail. Now, it really doesn't make sense that Hank would divulge all of this information unless he plans on killing June no matter what, but at times it does seem like he just likes hearing himself talk and (he even says it) he'd let her go after a blowjob. But, anyway, in the end, the sheriff and Hank think that Liam gave her the tape and obviously, they want it.

So she tells him that she's got it in the bed of the truck... where the Basketful of Heads are being kept... so they walk outside... and---

Bits and Pieces

This is a big info dump on what is going on in the conspiracy involving Liam and why the police and Hamilton are involved. Even though we don't know exactly what Liam was actually initially LOOKING FOR to use against the sheriff and his family just yet, we now know that an unexpected side-quest is the reason why he got busted. There are no heads added to the basket but we mostly get a story from an elitist family with a sociopathic spoiled entitled son, and a big stand is made by June at the end. This issue sets up the next two to finish the story off so I'm happy that we get this stuff now before a hopefully gory climax.


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