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Detective Comics #1083 Review


Written by: Ram V
Art by: Riccardo Federici, Stefano Raffaele
Colors by: Lee Lughrisge
Letters by: Ariana Maher
Cover art by: Evan Cagle
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: March 26, 2024

Detective Comics #1083 completes Batman's journey through the desert of his mind to embrace his true strength. Meanwhile, the Question finds proof linking Shavhod Orgham to Fielding's murder.
Is Detective Comics #1083 Good?

Batman's long, dark, sandy night of the soul finally comes to an end with metaphors, symbolism, wordplay, and hallucinations. If that doesn't float your boat, you're definitely reading the wrong comic.

When last we left Batman, he traversed the dark sands of the desert to face new temptations and old truths brought on by the Azmer infection, Barbatos's urgings, and Dr. Hurt's influence. In effect, nothing much happened.

Now, Batman is visited by the ghosts of three spirits possibly from Gotham's past, including Brutus Wainwright (the Colonial-ear Bruce Wayne), Aldridge Pearce (the Colonial-era Alfred/Batman), and Marcus Martin (I have no idea who that is unless it's an homage to DC artist Marcos Martin). They show Batman how to resist when an armored, lethal, futuristic version of Batman shows up to force Batman to claim the destiny of who he will become. Batman resists, which leads to a contentious argument with Barbatos who urges Batman to embrace the lethal strength he needs to win.

Batman resists because it's not about winning.

The spell breaks, the Azmer is purged, and Bruce emerges from the desert to punch out Dr. Hurt, and Flamingo before strolling off with Talia.

Meanwhile, Gotham crime rates are plummeting under the authoritarian influence of the Orghams' control. The Question uses the opportunity of a live talk show interview with Shavhod Orgham to clone her phone left in a dressing room and find the evidence linking Shavhod to Fielding's murder. Knowing the ill-gotten evidence is inadmissible in Court, the Question contacts Jim Gordon to get the data into good hands. The secret meeting is interrupted by snipers working for the Orghams, but the snipers are interrupted by the dramatic arrival of Batman.

What's great about Detective Comics #1083? The long, plodding, pointless trip through the desert is finally over, so that's saying something. Further, the Question's detective work is solid, and Batman's last-page arrival is a hard-hitting moment of drama in a series that moves with all the dramatic energy of a sloth crossing a trail covered in wet mud.

What's not so great about Detective Comics #1083?: Dr. Hurt's integration into Bruce's desert spirit walk is poorly explained, Flamingo comes out of nowhere, and the Orghams' takeover of Gotham City achieves nose-bleeding heights of implausibility. Moments are not stories, and I pray that Ram V learns that lesson one day.

How's the Art? Strange. The art team shifts more than once at more than one point. It's unclear if Federici ran out of time and needed an assist or if the bizarre art transition was intentional. Either way, Federici's style is impressive in its detail, even if it's wasted on nothing story.

Backup Story

Dan Watters concludes the Dr. Hurt revenge story when one of his would-be assassins claims she is Dr. Hurt in a new body. The "new" Dr. Hurt explains to her assassin partner that he can't escape because they're in a sentient pocket dimension that he/she/it brainwashed, and she's going to kill all Hurt clones to become the more perfect Dr. Hurt. When all seems lost, James wakes up, and it turns out it was all just a dream brought on by a volunteer medical experiment.

What an utter waste of time for a D-List villain in a Z-list story concept to force an extra dollar on the cover price. If I was Watters, I would be embarrassed.

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Bits and Pieces:

Detective Comics #1083 brings Batman's journey of the mind to an end just in time to return to Gotham with allies and evidence to take the Orghams down. From the inconsistent art to the pointless mind journey to the ridiculous backup, this comic is a waste from start to finish.


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