Friday, March 29, 2024

Green Arrow #10 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Sean Izaakse, Tom Derenick
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Troy Peteri
Cover art by: Sean Izaakse, Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: March 26, 2024

Green Arrow #10 sends Ollie on a mission to find out what happened to Roy when he disappeared trying to recover the Sanctuary files for Amanda Waller.
Is Green Arrow #10 Good?

Joshua Williamson presents an issue that's thin on plot, heavy on Arrow Family introductions, and ultimately only serves to tread water long enough to align publishing cycles with the forthcoming Absolute Power event. If you skip this issue, you miss nothing of substance other than the starting lineup announcements.

When last we left the Emerald Archer, he broke into the Hall of Order to confront Amanda Waller about Roy Harper's disappearance. Waller explained Roy now works for her. Further, Waller blackmailed Ollie into doing her bidding, and his first assignment is to recover the Sanctuary files from the justifiably maligned Heroes In Crisis arc.

Now, Ollie and Connor head to a JL installation where Roy was last detected. Before they get a chance to knock on the door, they're jumped by Speedy, Arrowette, Red Canary, and Red Arrow. What follows is a series of montages explaining who each character is, how they came to don their respective superhero personas, and how they connect to Green Arrow. With all the hugs and character intros out of the way, Ollie enters the installation alone to ward off any JL countermeasures targeting non-League members. He eventually finds Roy, who thinks Ollie is a hard-light hologram meant to attack. But the boys make peace and set off to find the files as potential leverage against Waller.

"Wait! That's it? Reunions, hugs, and introductions are all there is?" you might rightly wonder. Yes, that's it. Plotwise, this issue is as thin as rice paper.

What's great about Green Arrow #10? If you're super curious to get acquainted with EVERY extended member of the Arrow Family, this is the issue for you.

What's not so great about Green Arrow #10? If you're already acquainted with the extended Arrow Family or just don't care, this issue is a waste of time and money.

How's the art? Excellent to a point. Izaakse used this series to give the collective Arrow costumes a facelift. Unfortunately, the designs are overdesigned and busy, which makes no sense when archers are reliant on stealth. Costume designs aside, the issue looks great.

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Bits and Pieces:

Green Arrow #10 serves as an excellent jumping-on point for readers who want to get to know EVERY member of the extended Arrow Family. You get plenty of reunions, hugs, and introduction montages. Unfortunately, Williamson neglects to tell much of a story, giving you the impression this issue is only meant to fill space in preparation for the Absolute Power event.



  1. My reviews are just going to be long mostly at this point, I have come to terms with that so here it is Part 1 the meta: They rebooted the universe because it got out of hand, fair enough! But they deleted a lot of characters during new 52 and many remaining ones were out of character and stripped of their interesting qualities. They had rebirth which was promising at first but that went bad somehow and now during this era they are reintroducing the characters from that universe they rebooted but instead of working them in the story or writing an updated tighter origin story for them the way a lot of writers did back then every few years, instead (especially in this series) they just pop them back into universe and give a recap text bubble to them and everyone then claps because look it is that fan favourite character!!! Who cares they were introduced so lazily and kinda break the immersion when they just exist again with all that exact previous canon events ?( and worse all just in one place like a comic book convention) And that is one of my main problems with this series (and this reboot) . At first it was fresh and dazzling but as the issues got along I saw through that dazzle and found no story behind it that makes sense or has more than one layer of depth from the start. There is no intriguing mystery or investigation and the stories at their best are mostly a well drawn fan teaser or advertisement leading to the next shallow nothing title. I don't know how they are gonna compete with other forms of storytelling like books, movies, games or etc at this rate. (Not counting indie comics cause I don't read western indie comics so can't comment on those). Instead of inproving on previous eras over time they have just horribly regressed in quality and became worse and worse.

    1. Part 2 now about the comic issue itself, it's funny how Ollie says they are trying to find leverage on Waller. If you read my review for last issue I said how on earth could waller threaten GA and get away with it as some kind of master tactician when he could so easily blackmail her since all her plans are so obvious and sloppy??? The fact they are pretending with all that Waller has done especially during Beast World and how sloppy she has been that it's going to take work finding something on her to out her to the authorities is so ridiculous. This is a non plot. There is nothing here and that is mostly the way with Williamson stories. He nerfs the characters so much just to be able to tell a nothing plot that can't be stretched to these many issues ( another more frustrating example is his batman and robin run). The worst moment in this issue was the fact despite everything we have been shown during these years, they expect us to believe that the device holding the secret identities,life and weaknesses of the superhero community just sits in a vault somewhere that can be broken into this easily ( you just have to have a JL member, any member and who knows if they had to be original or a clone would do) , let alone found and upon breaching does not send an alarm and get this: why? Well obviously dear reader! Don't you know JL disbanded? ...what?????!!! Did the JL collectively throw their phones away too? The JSA were retired at some point and even they would have still kept touch with, oh I don't know, the device that kept all their top secrets ???? Are you telling me the man responsible for such creations as brother eye and the JL neutralising protocol would not have an alarm on his phone for the vault hilding the secrets of superheros, their medical and psychological profiles?( I went over the absurdity of Sanctuary still existing as it is after everything and the JL technology just sitting in the hall of justice without any member taking those with them last issue). How am I supposed to treat Batman and JL as top warriors and best minds of the planet that managed to stay anonymous and independent mostly for a long time if they are making these kind of mistakes? I am sorry but I simply can not suspend my disbelief this much when we know there is no way anything would go the way it is going this issue for such a weak payoff. Also why is there not a real bomb in Roy's head? Why go to the trouble of putting a teleporting device when waller has shown to be so ruthless and cruel and evil to do Beast World? Oliver has even less reason to go with this plan at this point now when the stakes have been lowered!!! But many reviewers would just be content that they got to see some their past favourite characters interacting in some panels together and at least they didn't say outright the readers are horrible so obviously this issue is 7 or 8 right? And look look now GA is going to fight the hologram JL like coollllll Right????? Did you see that panel where Ollie talked about roy and mia and the team???? Wow!!!! I mean that was all that was said on that and we are never going to try to tackle the implications of someone you always knew but forgot, being in your life again in any meaningful way past one or two issues at most but still wow!!!!! Did you see that panel where Ollie said Roy is his son and that was somehow the proof that GA isn't a trick played on Roy and saying everything he wanted to hear despite Roy having exprience with this kind of stuff in his line of work ? cause feelingssss forget trying to verify with an inside code or something he said he is his son !!!!! And since the readers won't demand higher quality and intelligent writing from their writers because it's just comics who cares it doesn't make sense (when it used to make more sense than this at least somewhat), the best the readers are going to get is these surface level stuff. And sadly this is better than the most other issues DC and Marvel, that's just how awful those are.

    2. Yeah, this is pretty much my issues with Dawn of the DC and writers like Williamson and Taylor. There's a level of "Style (and Sentimentality) over Substance" with modern DC where they understandably want to bring back Pre-Flashpoint canon and keep the best of the New 52 and Rebirth aswell but not putting much work to make things cohesive and instead slap "Everything's canon!" Which just makes things more confusing but also "dont thinkntoo much, look whos back!" Fan service is appreciated but after awhile it's just shallow feel-goods to hide a flawed or shallow story. And lord help you if you aren't a fan of said fanservice or try to be critical even in a constructive way then you are just a hater. This isn't the worst era DC has had but it feels so...lacking. Maybe it's just our LCS but couple of customers have talked about how boring DC is currently and drop the books for now.

    3. True! And despite all I said, I still think DC is doing better than Marvel these years, I don't read anything Marvel since they are mostly all horrible and the only title I do and like from there is Ultimate Spiderman. But this just shows how horrible Marvel is rather than a compliment to DC cause most DC titles right now are not good either. Another problem with Dawn of DC is that it is very empty. Not much hook to look forward to or invest in especially because of their insistence of pre flashpoint + rebirth and new 52 all canon as you put it since that way they can't start from somewhere and then build momentum, they are perpetually in the middle of some event or other with no significant change mostly. Despite all this criticism I dread things getting so worse than this so that it would make me regret saying these but still if it is bad then it is bad, no helping that.