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Batman And Robin #9 Review

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson

  • Art by: Nikola Cizmesija, Simone Di Meo

  • Colors by: Rex Lokus, Giovanna Niro

  • Cover art by: Simone Di Meo

  • Cover price: $4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Batman And Robin #9 arrives at the long-awaited reveal of the identity of Shush. She is and isn't what you think.

Is Batman And Robin #9 Good?

Well, this is going to go over like a wet fart in an unventilated elevator. Joshua Williamson cuts out the middle of the issue and completely reworks it (with a different artist) to hastily unveil Shush's true identity. While finally getting that unearned mystery out of the way is a positive, the reveal confirms Williamson made much ado about nothing.

When last we left the Dynamic father and son, Batman was captured by the evolved Man-Bat while Damian inadvertently helped Flatline arrest her wayward sister.

In Batman and Robin #9, Flatline attends Damian's school as a "transfer student" to help him expose Principal Stone, who Damian believes is both Shush and his former trainer, Mistress Harsh. The scheming students concoct a plan to start a food fight and force themselves into detention. When the food flinging leads to an inevitable meeting with Principal Stone, Damian turns the accusation dial up to 11.

[Spoilers Ahead - Turn Back Now]

Under direct pressure, Principal Stone admitted to being Mistress Harsh and training her most athletic students to become killers like Damian. When she sends her trainees to attack, Damian easily defeats them. Cornered, Mistress Harsh takes one of her students hostage at gunpoint.

Suddenly, somebody tases Mistress Harsh from behind. It's one of Damian's teachers, Ms. Hall, who reveals herself to be Shush. She adopted the identity to take revenge on Batman because she was a mentee of Tommy Elliot. She blamed Batman for Elliot's downfall and the collateral damage it created on her medical career.

Let's recap. Principal Hall is the former trainer of Damian, Mistress Harsh. A random teacher is Shush.

[End Spoilers]

When all is said and done, the Shush mystery is dispensed with, but not before Damian is given a clue to his father's whereabouts. When Damian tracks down Batman's location, he finds his father drugged and captured by Man-Bat, and the latter unleashes swarms of bats on Gotham City to spread his new drug.

What's great about Batman And Robin #9? The Harsh/Shush mystery is finally over. Now we can move on to better things. Plus, the Man-Bat plot is starting to pick up steam.

What's not so great about Batman And Robin #9? The Harsh/Shush reveal hits about as hard and is as memorable as a pillowcase filled with cotton balls. I don't know what Williamson was thinking by dreaming up a plot device that's this unbelievably lame. Plus, after nine issues, we still have no idea what Man-Bat is trying to do.

How's the art? Wildly, jarringly inconsistent. It seems clear that something changed with Williamson or DC Editorial because the middle of this issue was scraped out with a melon baller and replaced with a new version that's about as seamless as a Patriots football fan in the middle of the stadium at an Eagles home game. This issue is a genuine example of sloppy, lazy work.

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Bits and Pieces

Batman And Robin #9 is a sloppy, lazy mess of a comic. The Mistress Harsh/Shush reveal goes over like a lead balloon, and a guest artist was brought in to redo whole sections of the comic just to get the reveal out of the way. If you're paying for this comic, you're wasting your time and money.


Green Lantern #11 Review

  • Written by: Jeremy Adams

  • Art by: Xermanico, Amancay Nahuelpan

  • Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

  • Letters by: Dave Sharpe

  • Cover art by: Xermanico

  • Cover price: $4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Green Lantern #11 takes Carol Ferris for a walk down the aisle while Hal marshals the rebel Lanterns to confront Thaaros before the United Planets Council.

Is Green Lantern #11 Good?

Oh, Carol. You can't quit Hal Jordan. You never could, and you never will. That's the message Jeremy Adams sends to longtime Green Lantern fans, and it's a sure bet things are about to heat up in Sin City.

When last we left Hal Jordan, he infiltrated the OA Sciencecells to rescue what few Lanterns he could and at least one U.P. Lantern after learning Lord Premier Thaaros is orchestrating the destruction of Lantern batteries across the galaxy. 

Now, Carol Ferris laments yet another Hal Jordan disappearance, especially after the drone takeover at Ferris Industries left the company in tatters. Overcome by a need for stability, Carol asks Nate to elope to Las Vegas.

On OA, Hal discusses the Thaaros situation with his allies, and they agree that the tenuous nature of the U.P. Council might unravel if Thaaros was publicly exposed. At first, they believed it wouldn't work without proof. Fortunately, the U.P. Lantern they freed from the Sciencecells announces he'll testify that he witnessed Thaaros giving the order to destroy the batteries.

The Lanterns crash through the U.P. Council chamber door and accuse Thaaros of his crimes. However, the plan fails because the entire U.P. Council has been replaced by Thaaros's shapeshifting brethren. Let the fighting commence.

Meanwhile, Carol and Nate arrive at a Superman-themed wedding chapel to get married. The ceremony goes off without a hitch. But before rings are exchanged, a Star Sapphire ring materializes in the air in front of Carol.

Backup Story

Guy Gardner makes contact with OA to tell them he's apprehended the fugitive known as Lobo. Unfortunately, the Czarnian Guy has in custody isn't Lobo, and the communication sent was intercepted by every bounty hunter in the galaxy. Just as a barroom brawl over the right to turn in "Lobo" commences, the Czarnian is beamed up to Brainiac's ship with Guy along for the ride.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of Kevin Maguire's art in this backup but the story is amusing, and it unexpectedly (cleverly) incorporates Guy into the House of Brainiac story happening over in Action Comics.

What's great about Green Lantern #11? Adams uses this issue to initiate another welcome change in the status quo - namely the revelation that the U.P. is a bunch of baloney and now the heroes have a justifiable reason to take it out. If you could point to one thing Adams is doing consistently well, it's correcting and undoing mistakes of the past while bringing something new to the table. Establishing a new GL Corps was the right move. Exposing the U.P. is another right move. 

What's not so great about Green Lantern #11? Carol running off to get married seems out of character for her. Depending on how complete or binding the ceremony turned out before the Star Sapphire ring materialized, the "marriage" could add months of annoying drama that nobody is looking forward to. Surprise developments should fill the reader with anticipation, not dread. Let's hope Adams chooses not to repeat the mistakes Zeb Wells and Nick Lowe are unceasingly making with the Peter/MJ relationship over at Marvel.

How's the art? Xermanico's eye for dramatic compositions, energy, and character acting are on point. That said, Xermanico's stylistically rough hatching and contour lines don't seem to be a good fit for a Space Adventure comic.

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Bits and Pieces

Green Lantern #11 is another strong entry in the series when Hal and his rebel group of Lanterns expose the U.P., and Carol Ferris makes an impulsive move. Adams excels at telling stories that correct and improve on past mistakes from previous writers, so this does well to stand on its own and set the stage for potentially cool developments in the future. 


Action Comics #1065 Review

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson

  • Art by: Rafa Sandoval, Miguel Mendonca

  • Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez

  • Letters by: Dave Sharpe

  • Cover art by: Rafa Sandoval, Alejandro Sanchez

  • Cover price: $ 4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Action Comics #1065 takes to the stars on multiple fronts. Kara and Conner escape their bottled prison cells (but not their shrunken size) to uncover tidbits about Brianiac's plan. Meanwhile, Superman and Lobo outfight and outrace Brainiac's band of Czarnians, leading to a surprising offer.

Is Action Comics #1065 Good?

Surprisingly, the House of Brainiac storyline is holding up. Admittedly, Joshua Williamson has a lot of places spinning in this arc, but Action Comics #1065 gives you new developments, clues surrounding Brainiac's secretive plot, and a cliffhanger ending ripe with potential. 

When last we left the Superfamily, Superman and Lobo managed to sneak past (or did they?) the United Planets blockade in their race to catch up to the Brainiac ship. Before they could get too close, Brainiac sent his Czarnian capture squad to intercept. Meanwhile, Kara and Conner escaped their bottle prison inside Brainiac's ship.

In Action Comics #1065, Superman and Lobo manage to temporarily defeat the Czarnians. They head to a space station that acts as an intergalactic waypoint to gather information about Brainiac's recent movement, beginning with a personal chat with Space Cabbie.

Meanwhile, Kar and Conner sneak around Brainiac's ship but realize their miniaturized bodies will get caught or killed very quickly, so they free regular-sized Livewire and Parasite to lend a hand. The new group heads to Brainiac's weapon storage, where they find the guns used to miniaturize them and undo the damage. They gear up and launch a guerilla attack against the ship's command center, but Brainiac's forces prove to be too much. Brainiac then decides to show Kara part of what he's working on.

Elsewhere, Superman and Lobo learn from Space Cabbie that Brainiac is collecting supers from across the galaxy. Suddenly, the Czarnians arrive, but instead of re-commencing a fight, Colonel Chacal offers Lobo an intriguing proposition.

Backup Story

Brainiac's Czarnian soldiers are sent on a mission to find and capture Vril Dox, aka Brainiac 2. Brought before his father, Vril is unrepentant about being a disappointment to Brainiac's lofty goals, but Vril's tune changes when he's shown that his home city of Colu has been restored, and his mother is still alive.

What's great about Action Comics #1065? Williamson is doing his darndest to make sure this arc is as action-packed and intriguing as possible by packing in one or more wow moments in every issue. The return of Colu feels like it could be a big deal. Col. Chacal's offer could be a big deal. And Brainiac's plan that presumably will lead to the creation of a Brainiac Queen feels like a big deal.

What's not so great about Action Comics #1065? The creation of a Brainiac Queen has been announced and known for some time, so it's unclear why Williamson continues to play coy with Brainiac's intentions. It would be one thing if we didn't know what Brainiac was up to, but we do, so the not-so-subtle clues and telling side comments only serve as a point of frustration rather than curiosity.

How's the Art? Sandoval and Mendonca are doing a fantastic job of giving readers exciting space battles, moments of humor (especially with Space Cabbie), and dramatic visuals.

About The Reviewer: Gabriel Hernandez is the Publisher & EIC of, a comics review site dedicated to indie, small, and mid-sized publishers.

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Bits and Pieces

Action Comics #1065 maintains the high bar for one of Joshua Williamson's better arcs in the series. The action and excitement are high, the developments are big, and the art looks great. That said, Brainiac's plan is not much of a surprise to anyone, so dragging out the mystery is becoming a sore spot.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Shazam! #11 Review

Written by: Josie Campbell
Art by: Emanuela Lupacchino
Colors by: Trish Mulvihill
Letters by: Trpy Peteri
Cover art by: Dan Mora
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: May 7, 2024

Shazam! #11 puts the Vasquez kids on notice when a social worker arrives to judge if the living conditions are suitable for everyone to be adopted. That's a nice house you've got there. It would be a shame if a bunch of giant bats attacked it while the social worker was around.

Batman #147 Review


Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Jorge Jimenez
Colors by: Tomeu Morey
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Cover art by: Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: May 7, 2024

Batman #147 gives Vandal Savage a new place of prominence, sets up a long overdue confrontation between Waller and Failsafe, and gives Bruce a new Bat-Suit.

Birds Of Prey #9 Review


Written by: Kelly Thompson
Art by: Jonathan Case, Gavin Guidry
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Cover art by: Leonardo Romero
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: May 7, 2024

Birds Of Prey #9 finds the Birds in a bleak pocket dimension with weird costumes, no connection to the Red, and surrounded by bat monsters.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Superman: House Of Brainiac Special #1 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Edwin Galmon
Colors by: Edwin Galmon
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Cover art by: Jamal Campbell
Cover price: $5.99
Release date: April 30, 2024

Superman: House Of Brainiac Special #1 delivers three tales set during the House of Brainac event. Brainiac's history with Czarnia is unveiled. Perry White and Bibbo fight anti-alien sentiment. And Amanda Waller learns the true identity of the Council of Light.

The Flash Annual 2024 #1 Review


Written by: Si Spurrier
Art by: Scott Koblish, Amancay Nahuelpan, George Kambadais, Tom Derenick
Colors by: Marissa Louise, Lee Loughridge, Matt Herms
Letters by: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover art by: Mike Deodato Jr., Jão Canola
Cover price: $5.99
Release date: April 30, 2024

The Flash Annual (2024) #1 sends Wally running through angles of reality to catch the Stillness and find out what's happening to the Speed Force. Along the way, Wally learns more than he expected.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Green Arrow #11 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Sean Izaakse, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Troy Peteri
Cover art by: Sean Izaakse
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 23, 2024

Green Arrow #11 ends Ollie's quest to steal the Sanctuary records for Amanda Waller, but a last-minute change in plans sends Ollie into the future to face his oldest foe.

Power Girl #8 Review


Written by: Leah Williams
Art by: Eduardo Pansica, Julio Farreira
Colors by: Arif Prianto
Letters by: Becca Carey
Cover art by: Yanick Paquette
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 23, 2024

Power Girl #8 finds the Supergirl from Earth-2 enjoying a day in the park learning how to roller-skate when Brainiac attacks Metropolis and ruins a perfectly good day.

Batman: The Brave And The Bold #12 Review



Written by: Karl Kerschl, Rob Levin, Delilah S. Dawson, Zipporah Smith, Herik Hanna
Art by: Karl Kerschl, Mike Norton, Serg Acuna, Karl Mostert, Charlie Adlard
Colors by: Msassyk, John Kalisz, Matt Herms, Mike Spicer, Charlie Adlard
Letters by: Steve Wands, Troy Peteri, Dave Sharpe, Tom Napolitano
Cover art by: Simone Di Meo
Cover price: $7.99
Release date: April 23, 2024

Batman: The Brave And The Bold #12 delivers five shorts and chapters containing unique views on DC's cast of characters. Vampire Bruce Wayne faces down an ancient evil, False Face does the wrong thing for the right reasons, Artemis fights in the desert, Swamp Thing consoles a lost soul, and a career henchman is offered a chance at redemption.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Detective Comics #1084 Review



Written by: Ram V
Art by: Javier Fernandez
Colors by: Dave McCaig
Letters by: Arian Maher
Cover art by: Evan Cagle
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: April 23, 2024

Detective Comics #1084 marks the beginning of the end when Gotham's Dark Knight returns from the desert to put the Orghams on notice that their actions have consequences.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Flash #8 Review


Written by: Si Spurrier
Art by: Ramon Perez, Vasco Georgiev
Colors by: Sofie Dodgson, Matt Herms
Letters by: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover art by: Ramon Perez (cover A)
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 23, 2024

The Flash #8 puts Amanda Waller on center stage when she moves against TerrificTech and a podcaster to put all Speedsters on notice to cease and desist. Meanwhile, nobody can find Wally.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #26 Review



Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Dan Mora
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover art by: Dan Mora
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 16, 2024

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #26 teams up the World's Finest with the 5th Dimensions most annoying when a Legion of Imps who idolize Earth's villains invade.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Superman #13 Review


Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Rafa Sandoval
Colors by: Alejandro Sánchez
Letters by: Arian Maher
Cover art by: Rafa Sandoval, Alejandro Sánchez
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: April 16, 2024

Superman #13 finds the Man of Steel teaming up with Lobo to track down Brainiac. Meanwhile, Brainiac's captives get a glimpse into his new objective.

Titans #10 Review


Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Lucas Meyer
Colors by: Adriano Lucas
Letters by: Wes Abbott
Cover art by: Chris Samnee, Mateus Lopes
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 16, 2024

Titans #10 pits the team against Raven's demonic brother, Trilogy, but the attack may not be as random as Raven believes.