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Batman Year Zero SDCC Panel Notes

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo headed the Batman Year Zero panel today at SDCC.  Here are some of the juiciest nuggets:

  • Snyder wanted Baman's origin to be consistent with Frank Miller's Batman:Year One, but the DC edior's wanted something more in line with the New 52
  • Batman considers Gotham his greatest villain and loves it for testing his limits
  • Scott Snyder loves the Riddler and thinks he is the smartest man in the world
  • Snyder and Capullo have become BFFs while working on Batman
  • Bruce will put on he cowl in issue #24 and it will be a new look influenced by the classic Bob Kane design.
  • There will be an all new Batmobile as well.
  • There are big plans for Harper Row in another Bat book, but it doesn't look like she will be the new Robin.
I can't help it, I love this pic

Some pretty good stuff.  I can't wait to see the new Batsuit and Batmobile.

SDCC News: Superman/Batman movie in 2015

World's Finest...Movie

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Bros is set to announce a Superman and Batman team up movie.  Set to come out in 2015, it will be directed by Zach Snyder and Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman.  No word yet on who will play Batman.
In a Marvel-esque move, a Flash movie will follow in 2016 all leading to the Justice League movie in 2017.
Update: Zach Snyder has confirmed that the Batman/Superman movie is indeed happening.
Who are these Guys?

Beware the Batman Series Premier Review

S1E1 The Hunted

Batman has a rich great animated history.  Batman the Animated Series is universally loved and The Brave and the Bold is my favorite for it's fun homage to the Silver Age.  So, when Beware the Batman was announced I jumped on the intranets to get the early details. What I read and saw scared me.  A gun wielding Alfred?  Katana replacing Robin?  CG animation?  A more obscure rogues gallery?  To say I was deflated is an understatement.  I actually stopped paying attention and was sure I wouldn't watch it when it finally premiered.   Well, I've watched the series opener.  Did I enjoy it more than I thought I would?  Yes and no.
Right from the opening sequence the CG animation turned me off. It is very similar to Green Lantern:The Animated Series. The character models are fine, but the backgrounds are bland and empty.  Speaking of characters, I like the look of Batman.  Yes, his new look takes a bit to get used to, but it fits fine in the Gotham he inhabits.
The new Alfred is the highlight of the show.  He is an ex MI:6 agent that brings to mind the Alfred of Batman Earth One.  This butler is less about making tea and more about protecting Bruce.  The interaction between Alfred and Bruce is great.  They do not see eye-to-eye on Bruce's night shift job, a theme that will probably run through the entire series.
The story was more fun and mature than I was expecting.  Professor Pyg and Mister Toad are Eco terrorists.  They are upset at the destruction of the wetlands and they are taking the fight to the streets.  To prove that people should go green, they kidnap some of Gotham's elite, including Bruce Wayne.  They let them loose in order to hunt them down like them and their brethren.  The action is great with lots of fights and explosions.  This is where the CG animation really works.
In the end, I am glad I didn't let my initial reactions steer me away from Beware the Batman.  The animation takes some getting used too, but the character models and action sequences were very good.  The story was a good mix of fun obscure villains with a story more mature than most Saturday morning cartoons. Alfred and his interaction with Bruce was the highlight and I'm looking forward to watching more.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Who is excited for Villians Month?

Are you looking foward to Villians Month? free polls 

Random Twitter Pics: Comic Con Edition

Here are various pictures grabbed from the intranets and tweeters from people lucky enough to not only be in San Diego but  get paid to be there.

Mixed drink or awful 90's Comic Book Character?

The 90's were an interesting time for comics.  Everything was "extreme" and "in your face."  This wasn't only the art and storylines, but also the hero names.  Something else with ridiculous extreme names are alcoholic drinks.  I can't tell you how many times I drank a Red Lotus while reading Night Trasher or sipped a Corpse Reviver while paging through Sleepwalker .  Are the following alcoholic drinks or 90's comic book characters?
Answers: 1.Drink 2.Character 3.Drink 4.Character 5.Drink

Eric's Shirt of the Day Green Lantern New Guardians

It has taken all of Eric's willpower to get through the week.

Notes from DC's Comic Con All-Access Panel

The "Don't call me Mary Marvel" edition
  • Jeff Lemire considers Constantine, Zatana and Deadman DC's unholy trinity.
  • He also said his upcoming villains month Count Vertigo title is the creepiest thing he's ever written.
  • Green Arrow will appear in Batman Year Zero.
  • Aquaman will not fight Sharknado, but Geoff Johns says Arthur would win.
  • Brian Buccellato has a new Flash tattoo and promised that Reverse Flash's identity will be revealed soon.
  • Everyone still loves Gail Simone and in a huge spoiler, The Movement will be fighting the police in an upcoming issue.
  • The Injustice Annual will center around Harley Quinn and Lobo.
  • Mary Marvel will be getting a new name.  My guess is Mary Batman.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Green Lantern:New Guardians #22

Dream Warrior

I've always looked at the New Guardians as the fun book in the Green Lantern Family.  The new creative team of Justin Jordan and Brad Walker are thankfully continuing the trend with issue 22: Relic.

Kyle Rayner has harnessed the full spectrum of rings becoming the White Lantern.  So with all this power he gets the job of galactic tour guide and babysitter to the new Guardians.  Of course the first place they go brings them face-to-face with a powerful being from another Universe, Relic.  It seems Relic wants to learn about his new home and is keenly interested in the Lanterns and their Rings in particular.  Unfortunately, Kyle is captured by Relic and while in a dream-like state tells Relic everything.  The Guardians save him with the help of Kyle's new BFF, Carol Ferris, but the damage is done and Relic goes off to cause more damage in the other books.

After the long running crossovers of the Third Army and First Lantern I was hoping to get back to what I liked best about this title, the actual New Guardians. Instead it looks like we are getting the new Guardians, Kyle and a crossover involving another god like being who can absorb the rings powers and wants to destroy the Universe.  It is still good, I just miss the old team.

The writing and art are top notch.  I like the interaction between Kyle and the Guardians.  The pacing is good and the space scenes are full of life and action. I am a little wary of Relic though.  He seems to be a cross between the First Lantern, Volthoom and Marvel's Galactus.  I was hoping for a little more fresh ideas.  I guess only time will tell, but I'll give the new creative team the benefit of the doubt because it seems like the New Guardians are in good hands.


Jim's Top Five New 52 Books

It Is almost the second anniversary of the New 52 and while it has seen its hits and misses, these are my five favorite books so far.

5. Aquaman

No longer a joke, this title is turning into an underwater Game of Thrones.  With villains like Black Manta, the Ocean Master and the newly introduced Scavenger it has been a good ride so far.  Plus you get Mera, who may be the hottest female in the DC Universe right now.
Favorite Issue: #1
Breakout Star: Mera

Review: Batman and Catwoman #22

Come for the action, stay for the nagging

In the months following Damian's death, Batman has teamed up with various members of the Bat Family to get through the classic stages of grief.   This month Batman deals with despair with the help of Catwoman...sort of.
Catwoman does start off the book and in a neat JLA tie-in needs Batman's help to stop a kidnapping. Peter J. Tomasi nails Catwoman's voice and the banter between her and Batman is spot on.

Patrick Gleason's art is great as usual, especially in the early Catwoman scenes.  However, Catwoman seems to be here only to provide the action that people look for in a Batman title.  Though fun enough, it ends with a fizzle not a bang.

The main story involves Carrie Kelly.  Yes, it looks like she is here to stay.  She has started her job dog sitting Titus, but is working overtime hounding Bruce about Damian's sudden disappearance.   Bruce keeps the lie going that Damian is studying abroad, going to an extreme that is bound to come back to haunt him later.  The story isn't bad it just feels as if we are being force fed Carrie and her relationship with Bruce.

Despair is a tough thing to portray and still keep things interesting and exciting.  This issue may just be a breather before next months Batman and Nightwing, but I was hoping for something better.  While the art is great and the dialogue fine, the two stories seem disjointed and neither really leaves its mark in the end.  Speaking of the end though, the book ends with a familiar face that has me excited for what's to come in the future.


Eric's Shirt of the Day: Shazam

"Shazam!"...nope, still at work.

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Why does everyone love Gail Simone so much?

Since I started reading comics a couple years ago, a few names always pop up as "The Best".  Authors like Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison. Artists like Greg Capullo and Jim Lee to name a few.  Gail Simone's name is another that keeps coming up culminating in the outrage when she was dismissed from Batgirl and then quickly brought back.  My question is, why is she so special?  I've read some Batgirl which is good, but The Movement has been pretty average so far.  Sooo...I am planning on reading some older Gail Simone titles and reviewing each to see "Why does everyone love Gail Simone so much?".
Any and all reading suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Eric's Shirt of the Day: The Secret Society

Eric decided to impress the ladies at work with his Secret Society t-shirt.


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