Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jim's Top Five New 52 Books

It Is almost the second anniversary of the New 52 and while it has seen its hits and misses, these are my five favorite books so far.

5. Aquaman

No longer a joke, this title is turning into an underwater Game of Thrones.  With villains like Black Manta, the Ocean Master and the newly introduced Scavenger it has been a good ride so far.  Plus you get Mera, who may be the hottest female in the DC Universe right now.
Favorite Issue: #1
Breakout Star: Mera

4. Batman

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo may be the best team in comics today.  They introduced the Court of the Owls, had a Death of the Family and are now giving us Year Zero.
Favorite Issue: #17
Breakout Star: The Court of the Owls


3. Green Lantern

Geoff Johns final run ended up being the story of Hal and Sinestro.  But it also gave us a new Lantern, new villains and a total shakeup of the Lantern hierarchy.   Here's hoping the new creative team continues the fun.
Favorite Issue: #20
Breakout Stars: Simon Baz and B'dg

 2. Nightwing

This was the first New 52 I started reading and I haven't been disappointed yet.  Kyle Higgins obviously loves the character and with his recent move to Chicago and a surprise from his past, it's only getting better.

Favorite Issue: #20
Breakout Star: Prankster





Why aren't more people reading this?  James Tynion has taken the Court of the Owls myth and created the most consistently fun and action packed book in the New 52.  Calvin Rose's story of revenge deserves a long run.
Favorite Issue: #7
Breakout Star: Calvin Rose


  1. THANK YOU for putting Talon and Nightwing in the top spots. They've been my favourites as well and I'm furious that both series ended before being allowed to flourish.

    1. I miss those two so much. It's funny looking at this list now because none of those are in my Top 5 anymore. Obviously, Nightwing and Talon can't be, but off the top of my head, my list now is:
      5. Catwoman
      4. Harlry Quinn
      3. Gotham Academy
      2. Justice League 3000
      1. Grayson

    2. Just a personal thing: was kinda hoping Calvin Rose would have taken up the nightwing mantle. Oh well, not to be.

      I'm a wait-for-trader, so my favourite dc books aren't what you would call current, but...

      5. Batman
      4. The Flash
      3. Morrison's Action Comics
      2. Talon
      1. Nightwing (be it the now-finished N52- damn you, Didio- or the reprinted Dixon run).