Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Green Lantern:New Guardians #22

Dream Warrior

I've always looked at the New Guardians as the fun book in the Green Lantern Family.  The new creative team of Justin Jordan and Brad Walker are thankfully continuing the trend with issue 22: Relic.

Kyle Rayner has harnessed the full spectrum of rings becoming the White Lantern.  So with all this power he gets the job of galactic tour guide and babysitter to the new Guardians.  Of course the first place they go brings them face-to-face with a powerful being from another Universe, Relic.  It seems Relic wants to learn about his new home and is keenly interested in the Lanterns and their Rings in particular.  Unfortunately, Kyle is captured by Relic and while in a dream-like state tells Relic everything.  The Guardians save him with the help of Kyle's new BFF, Carol Ferris, but the damage is done and Relic goes off to cause more damage in the other books.

After the long running crossovers of the Third Army and First Lantern I was hoping to get back to what I liked best about this title, the actual New Guardians. Instead it looks like we are getting the new Guardians, Kyle and a crossover involving another god like being who can absorb the rings powers and wants to destroy the Universe.  It is still good, I just miss the old team.

The writing and art are top notch.  I like the interaction between Kyle and the Guardians.  The pacing is good and the space scenes are full of life and action. I am a little wary of Relic though.  He seems to be a cross between the First Lantern, Volthoom and Marvel's Galactus.  I was hoping for a little more fresh ideas.  I guess only time will tell, but I'll give the new creative team the benefit of the doubt because it seems like the New Guardians are in good hands.


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