Thursday, May 16, 2024

Batman And Robin #9 Review

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson

  • Art by: Nikola Cizmesija, Simone Di Meo

  • Colors by: Rex Lokus, Giovanna Niro

  • Cover art by: Simone Di Meo

  • Cover price: $4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Batman And Robin #9 arrives at the long-awaited reveal of the identity of Shush. She is and isn't what you think.

Green Lantern #11 Review

  • Written by: Jeremy Adams

  • Art by: Xermanico, Amancay Nahuelpan

  • Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

  • Letters by: Dave Sharpe

  • Cover art by: Xermanico

  • Cover price: $4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Green Lantern #11 takes Carol Ferris for a walk down the aisle while Hal marshals the rebel Lanterns to confront Thaaros before the United Planets Council.

Action Comics #1065 Review

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson

  • Art by: Rafa Sandoval, Miguel Mendonca

  • Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez

  • Letters by: Dave Sharpe

  • Cover art by: Rafa Sandoval, Alejandro Sanchez

  • Cover price: $ 4.99

  • Release date: May 14, 2024

Action Comics #1065 takes to the stars on multiple fronts. Kara and Conner escape their bottled prison cells (but not their shrunken size) to uncover tidbits about Brianiac's plan. Meanwhile, Superman and Lobo outfight and outrace Brainiac's band of Czarnians, leading to a surprising offer.