Friday, April 3, 2020

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 Review

Written by: Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Art by: Ty Templeton, Monica Kubina, and Josh Reed
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 1, 2020

With DC Comics shutting down all the print copies of their books for a bit, it's time to turn to the Digital First line for some new comic book action.  Unfortunately, we aren't in the heyday of Digital when DC was putting out a new book each day of the week, but we have a cool one this week nonetheless.  Batman: The Adventures Continue gives us some new stories from the beloved cartoon as well as a new comic book!  So, how is it?  Let's find out...

Retro Review: Detective Comics #140 (1948) - "The Riddler"


Written by: Bill Finger
Art by: Dick Sprang, Charles Paris, and Jack Schiff
Cover Price: 10¢
Release Date: October 1948

I am going to continue my focus on villain first appearances with Detective Comics #140.  Simply called, "The Riddler", it isn't much of a surprise who is featured in this one.  So, how was the issue and did the Riddler make his mark right away?  Let's find out...

Retro Review: Green Arrow Year One #1 Review (2007)

Long Bow

Written by: Andy Diggle
Art by: Jock, David Baron, and Jared K. Fletcher
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 22, 2007

I have really enjoyed the various Year One stories that I have read so far, but this one kind of just popped up at me and here I am reviewing it.  Yep, I was going through a bunch of Green Arrow stuff and just figured I would read a few pages and get on with other things, but suddenly I was done the first issue in what felt like seconds.  That kind of is a hint that I really enjoyed it, but here is a review for it anyways...

Retro Review: World's Finest #286 (1982) - "When Hell Breaks Loose"

Hell to Pay

Written by: Cary Burkett
Art by: Rich Buckler, Sam De La Rosa, Gene D'Angelo, and Phil Felix
Cover Price: 60¢
Release Date: December 1982
Review by: Pauly P

Another quiet day in the life of the Trinity. So much happens in 24 pages, it’s crazy! It’ll be more fun if we just jump right in. 

World’s Finest #81 Review and **SPOILERS**

I’m Calling a Do-Over

Written By: Edmond Hamilton
Art By: Dick Sprang, Stan Kaye
Cover Price: 10 cents
Cover Date: March-April 1956


I’ll bet you’re wondering why I reviewed issue #82 of World’s Finest a couple of weeks ago, but I’m reviewing the issue that preceded it now. Well, I’ll tell ya: quit asking! I picked that other issue pretty much at random, and only after nosing around a little bit did I find that issue #81 had one of my all-time favorite Superman, Batman and Robin stories from the cusp of the Silver Age. It’s got everything! Time travel, reckless use of public property, misogyny and general mistrust of women—all the components of a great comic book! So let’s dispense with the preamble that you stopped reading two sentences ago and dive right into World’s Finest #81! Read On!

Retro Review: Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #19 (1960)

Super Secret Super Marriage

Cover Artists: Curt Swan, Stan Kaye 
Edited By: Mort Weisinger 
Cover Price: 10 cents 
Publisher: DC Comics


Man, wouldn’t it be something to find out what really might happen if Superman and Lois Lane were potentially married? Well, you’re in luck! Back in the Silver Age, DC Comics employed “imaginary stories” in Superman comics; stories that haven’t happened, but could…and might? They were always so fucking coy about it. Point is, unlike the other fact-based stories in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane, issue #19 contains one of total whimsy! How about that? Let’s check it out!

Supergirl #40 Video Review - The Infection that Stole Supergirl

How much can happen in this book after we already saw the conclusion to the Infected stories in Hell Arisen a week before?  Well, not much except so fussin' and a fightin' between Supergirl and Wonder Woman!  Oh yea, we also get a little Krypto and a Grinch-like scene...

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 273: DC Comics, Batman, Superman, Cookie Dreams and Shutdown Nightmares

A bunch of DC Comics as we approach a possible dark period.  If you want more Weird Science, check out the Patreon ( to listen to everything including this week's DC Comics Spotlight: Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8 & Suicide Squad #4

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Retro Review: Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #6 Review and **SPOILERS**

Future Shock

Cover By: Curt Swan, Stan Kaye 
Edited By: Mort Weisinger 
Cover Price: 10 cents 
Cover Date: January 1959 
Publisher: DC Comics


I know, it’s been a little while since I dropped another of these whoppers…I’m still going to do them bi-weekly, but that will be beginning now, since I also put out a podcast bi-weekly called Reggie’s Comics Stories (check it out here!), and I needed to alternate these reviews with that podcast. This ensures that I have less free time over a more consistent span, instead of lurching into panic mode every other week in trying to produce both things. Anyway, there’s no episode of Reggie’s Comics Stories this week, so check out my review of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #6, right now!

Retro Review: Detective Comics #66 (1942) - "The Crimes of Two-Face"

Flip a Coin

Written by: Bill Finger
Art by: Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, and George Roussos
Cover Price: 10¢
Release Date: June 20, 1942

Batman has such a great Rogue's Gallery and though most put Joker on the top of the heap, I like a couple of the others a lot more.  Two-Face is one of those and I am going back to review this first appearance at a time when Harvey is making a big splash in the current books.  So, did he kick ass the moment he hit the page?  Let's find out...

Batgirl #45 Video Review

As Gotham City's renovations begin, mysterious metal statues begin appearing all over town, which leads Batgirl to believe they may be more than meets the eye. What's even creepier is whatever is terrorizing Alejo's constituents. Jason Bard doesn't want to admit it, but his body doesn't feel quite right after leaving Unearth. Did something follow him out of the portal?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Detective Comics Before Batman Show - A show going through the other detectives that did their thing before Batman showed up in issue #27)

Plus more shows each and every month!!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot #2 (2016) Review


Writer: Brian Buccellato
Pencis: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inks: Richard Friend
Color: Michael Spicer
Letter: Clem Robins
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 24, 2016

While the books are shut down due to COVID-19 I'll be doing weeky "retro reviews" again. At least for the time being while I can and I'm not infected with the virus.

I plan on getting more retro and going back further in time after this one, but I recently read Deadshot's "Suicide Squad Most Wanted" story from 2016 collected into a graphic novel and really wanted to review the second issue because I liked it so much. The actual issue initially released has a Katana story in the first half, but I'll just be covering the Deadshot portion.