Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Our Patreon has a Ton of Shows!

If you are stuck inside with nothing to do, why not check out our Patreon?!?  We have a ton of shows to listen to with more being added each month.  Here is a list of some of the shows available now...

The Daily Catch-Up Comic Book Review Show - Every day a Marvel and a DC Comic is discussed from the bunch that we didn't feature on either podcasts the first time around.

DC Comics Weekly Spotlight Show - 2 DC Comics reviewed by Jim and Eric
each week 

Marvel Comics Weekly Spotlight Show - 1-2 Marvel Comic reviewed by Jim and Branden each week

The Comic Book Cartoon Show - DC and Marvel Comics Cartoons reviewed by a guy who has never seen them before!

F'd Up History Podcast - A History Show by a guy who loves lists and wacky, messed up things that happened in the past

New 52 Review Podcast - Jim and Eric make their way through the New trade at a time

Marvel Event Podcast - Jim and Branden work their way through Marvel Events, one month at a time

The Weird Science Pop Culture Podcast - Jim and Eric discuss pop culture they hardly know anything about

DC Comics Back Issues Comic Podcast - Jim and Eric review a DC Comics issue from the past

Marvel Comics Back Issues Comic Podcast - Jim and Branden review a Marvel Comics Issue from the past

I'm the Bad Guy (or Gal) Podcast -  A Podcast dedicated to the Villains of both DC and Marvel Comics, going through issues and arcs of the best of the bad.

The Best Worst Comic Book Show - A celebration of the worst characters and issues from all of comic history!

The Wacky Silver Age Comic Show - A show celebrating the time Batman was a Fish Man, the rainbow hands of Superman and of course when Jimmy Olsen was Giant Turtle!

Detective Comics Before Batman Show - A show going through the other detectives that did their thing before Batman showed up in issue #27)

Plus more shows each and every month!!!

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