Friday, July 19, 2013

Notes from DC's Comic Con All-Access Panel

The "Don't call me Mary Marvel" edition
  • Jeff Lemire considers Constantine, Zatana and Deadman DC's unholy trinity.
  • He also said his upcoming villains month Count Vertigo title is the creepiest thing he's ever written.
  • Green Arrow will appear in Batman Year Zero.
  • Aquaman will not fight Sharknado, but Geoff Johns says Arthur would win.
  • Brian Buccellato has a new Flash tattoo and promised that Reverse Flash's identity will be revealed soon.
  • Everyone still loves Gail Simone and in a huge spoiler, The Movement will be fighting the police in an upcoming issue.
  • The Injustice Annual will center around Harley Quinn and Lobo.
  • Mary Marvel will be getting a new name.  My guess is Mary Batman.

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