Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Movement #4 Review

Finally a Movement that wasn't Crap

The Movement is a book about the little guy.  It's a book about the people who walk the streets and look up at the shiny skyscrapers and wonder what went wrong.  It is a book about taking back what was stolen and fixing the wrongs that have rotted out society's core.

The idea behind The Movement is good.  However, the execution has been sub par...until now.  It took four issues, but Gail Simone finally makes us care for her lead characters.  I have to be honest, until this issue I would have been hard pressed to name more than two of the leads, let alone know their powers.  By showing their histories, we learn about them and their motivations for being in a group like The Movement.

These motivations fly headfirst into the powers that be of Coral City.  All hell is breaking loose and loyalties are tested.  Characters that were set up to be traitors prove to be allies and vice versa.  The action is well done and for the first time I can say I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Though the writing had previously left me luke warm, Freddie Williams II's art was always the highlight of the book.  It remains impressive in issue #4.  The character design is great and the action scenes pop.  The catoony grit style matches the tone of the book perfectly.

I can finally say I enjoyed an issue of The Movement.  Gail Simone uses flashbacks of the characters early lives to give personality and motivation to her creations.  Freddie Williams II's art is great and fits the story to a tee.  The Movement's street level tale is beginning to win me over.


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