Saturday, September 21, 2013

Green Lantern #23.3 Black Hand Review

Can Someone Give Him a Hand?

Black Hand has risen from the grave...again.  You see, that's what he does.  Green Lantern #23.3 shows his latest resurrection.  It is part origin, part Forever Evil tie-in and part Green Lantern prologue.

Charles Soule gives us a pretty damn good story.  William Hand rises from the grave and is trying to figure out the who, what and why of it all.  With the backdrop of the Forever Evil events, he slowly gains his bearings and remembers Hal Jordan and his hate of all the Lanterns.  What he does next is a great twist and really sets up a future confrontation with Hal.  I can't wait to see it when it happens.

Alberto Ponoodticelli's art is really good.  It is dark and creepy the way it should.    Compliments to colorist Danny Vozzo for his work here as well.

Green Lantern #23.3 is a really good issue.  We get Black Hand's latest origin story set in the backdrop of Forever Evil.  Then we get a twist that is sure to set up a great confrontation with Hal Jordan that I can't wait to see.


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