Thursday, November 21, 2013

Red Hood and The Outlaws #25 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By: Jeremy Haun
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 20, 2013

Who Do You Want To Be Today?

Hey kids guess what we have in store today.  That's right another Zero Year!  But don't let that get you down, because what we have here is an actual tie-in that serves a purpose.  So because we now live in a world where Batman has done everything that he's done, within a six year period.  A lot if not most things don't make sense.  But with that still in mind, it's good to see how a character like Jason Todd fits into his own history within this short timeline.  Okay let's jump into our TARDISes, TARDI?  Get into your closest time machine, and let's go back six years ago and check out Red Hood, but not the Outlaws.

Explain It!:

Alright so six years ago, Jason Todd was hanging around his barren apartment talking to his out cold junkie mother.  Fun right?  Well let's get to some fun then.  Jason's friend Chris comes over and they reenact Stand By Me, and the two go to see some dead bodies that Chris found.  But these aren't just any dead bodies, they're members of the recently defunct Red Hood Gang.  So the two take the masks and plan on attending a group meeting to decide the fate of the Red Hood Gang.

Later sitting on his fire escape, Jason contemplates his life.  Chris told him that with this mask they can be anyone they want to be.  We see the first spark of Robin, when below a woman is being attacked by some crumbums, and Jason jumps into action.  But the men run away more from the woman, than our would be hero.  We get a little banter about him being a little short for a storm trooper, or something along those lines.  Yeah I could really go for some Star Wars right now, probably gonna go with Empire... Well I better get done this review.  What we fans know, that Jason doesn't is that he is meeting Talia al Ghul.  Talia seems to be going around the seedier spots of Gotham looking for the location of the Red Hood Gang meeting tonight, and lucky for her, and for us, Jason knows the location.

The two pass the time before the meeting at a empty warehouse, well empty besides a place for Jason to sit, and a punching bag for Talia to practice a special move on, while she repeats a montra.  Over and over Jason watches her perform this move, and chant her words.  But Talia isn't satisfied, and tells Jason that her teacher Ducra didn't believe she'd be able to perform it.  But where does the time go?  We're going to be late for the meeting.  The two begin to leave, but Talia knocks Jason out, knowing that where she's going is no place for a kid.  Only if Batman were that responsible.

Jason awakens with a full on bandaged faced Red Hood 1, standing above him with a crowbar.  This scene is chilling, yeah I actually got chills.  Red Hood 1, tells Jason that he has so many ideas now, and that he can't wait for him to see them.  Jason doesn't want anything to do with some bandaged freak, so he kicks him and runs away dodging bullets as he goes.  

Jason makes his way to the secret meeting spot of the Red Hood Gang, and looks for Talia, but first he sees a hooded figure in front of the gang, talking about taking the city back again.  Jason looks on as Talia mounts the stage, and performs the move she was practicing on him.  No go.  Turns out Ducra was right, and this hooded figure prattling on is one of the Untitled.  The Untitled is about to kill Talia, when Jason takes the stage, and performs the move correctly, and we find out that this move makes The Untitled mortal.  Swiftly Talia takes out her sword, and beheads him.  Before the gang can attack, Talia throws a smoke bomb, and they make their way out of there.  Downstairs Red Hood 1, is cracking open the gas main, and as our anti heroes exit the building, a match is lit, and the building is engulfed in flames.  Red Hood 1 looks on, and starts laughing maniacally.  Enter Joker.

In the end Jason knows that he wants to be a good guy, and will never be a Red Hood, and Talia takes her leave.  Back at the warehouse Talia is met by her father Ra's al Ghul.  Talia tells him that she wasn't strong enough to complete the move to finish the Untitled, but a boy was, and that they should keep their eye on him.  Nice.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue seems to be the best fit for all the Zero Year issues coming out, and tells a important story, not only for Red Hood, but for Batman Year Zero as well.  For a nice contrast this issue told a story that will continue to effect Batman, and Red Hood, and didn't feel compelled to tell a story about a super storm.  One of the best issues of Red Hood and The Outlaws I've read in awhile.  I found Tynion lacking as of late, but he's got me back on his band wagon after this.  Go check it out.


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