Friday, March 6, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: The Most Disappointing Things About The Imaginext Hall of Doom

It's quite possible that a lot of you out there don't partake in the collecting of toys designed for toddlers and all I have to say to you is, get off your high horse and check them out.  The Imaginext line of DC Super Friends is one of the best lines of superhero toys out there even if they're designed for the very young.  They just offer a ton of great characters, vehicles and playsets that make me nostalgic for the way toys were when I was a kid and what seems to be lost now that children are in the digital age.  With all this support I'm throwing Imaginext's way, I do have a problem with their newest playset and it's something that I've wanted for a long time............ Because I'm older and I loved the Super Friends and The Legion of Doom as a kid and that's the Hall of Doom playset that was released this year.  So for installment of Top 5 Fridays, I'll be talking about The Most Disappointing Things About The Imaginext Hall of Doom.  Let's check it out.

#5.  The Play Features

I don't know, maybe that seems like a lot of play features to you but to me you can throw that snake swirl right out because it seems like it's there just because the makers needed something else and that's it.  I don't know what I expected when I thought about the Hall of Doom's play features before it was announced but seeing it here, it just comes off a little lackluster in the type of adventures that kids and man children could have with this playset.  One thing that I didn't put in the picture is that when you turn the hidden blaster out it also opens the Hall's eyes and there are small lights inside but again, that doesn't really lead to great playtime in my mind.  A vine cage trap and a elevator that you have to continuously turn for it to go up or down just isn't the type of Super Friends awesomeness that I was hoping for when this was originally announced......... I do kind of like all the Slaughter Swamp that was added to it but then the makers just relied on the creepy crawlers around it to be deterrents for our heroes.  Yeah, I know how much Superman is affected by...........snakes.

#4.  Not Enough Headquarters

I know that when most of us think about the Hall of Doom we think about that Darth Vader looking headquarters rising from the swamp and then we go inside to see all the villains plotting their schemes against our heroes and even though we have that look here, it just seems so small and the swamp becomes the main focus of this playset.  We have Lex Luthor, one of the smartest men in the DC Universe and when I think about what kind of traps and security he might have set up to ensure the safety of his headquarters, I don't think swamps.  I think of high tech robots, lasers....... pretty much just something that has to do with technology and besides for some eyes opening with lights behind them, we don't get that here.  What I'm trying to say is this would have been a much more interesting playset if it had more to do with the actual Hall of Doom instead of it's surrounding.

#3.  Lex Luthor

Now this might seem like a nit picky problem but I'm going to go with it anyway.  The Lex Luthor on the left is the one that comes with the playset and while he looks pretty cool, it's the Lex Luthor on the right that comes with his battle armor that I think of when I think of the Hall of Doom.  Now I'm not saying that I think they should just repackage that Lex with the playset because how many figures of the same Lex Luthor do we really need?  Hell, how many different Lex Luthors do we need?  What I'm trying to get at here is that if they wanted to package a villain to come with this playset it could have been a previously unreleased villain.  Imaginext is claiming that this series of toys that they're putting out this year is the year of villains and so far it's this new designed Lex Luthor with the Hall of Doom, a much anticipated Captain Cold, a also much anticipated Solomon Grundy and a redesigned Riddler and Penguin.  That's okay and all, but we still need a bunch of figures to complete our Legion of Doom roster and possibly including someone like Sinestro with this playset might have made it more appealing......... or a Giganta, Toyman or Cheetah....... I just want my roster full.

#2.  Solomon Grundy

Ha ha, I said that the last one was kind of nit picky but really......... this is the most nit picky of them all.  Coming out this year is the Imaginext Solomon Grundy and while I've been waiting very patiently for this figure to come out, once I saw this I was immediately disappointed.  It's not that it doesn't look cool and it's not that I don't appreciate the smash button on the back that makes Solomon swing his weapon........ It's that he's so damn big.  I need a kind of symmetry when it comes to my figures and Grundy is a big ass figure compared to every other one out there........... besides for Gorilla Grodd but he's too damn big too.  OH, Oh, that's right, the point.  What I'm getting at is that I already couldn't have Gorilla Grodd be in the Hall of Doom because of his size and now we have a big ass Solomon Grundy who gets excluded as well.  So much for my childhood dream of having an entire Legion of Doom sitting at their Hall of Doom headquarters plotting the end of the Super Friends.  I just don't know why Imaginext knowing that they're putting a Hall of Doom out would make a Hall of Doom figure too big for the actual playset.

#1.  The Size of The Hall

There I was, all excited to one day complete my roster for the Legion of Doom when I heard that the Hall of Doom was announced....... Yeah, I was really freaking hyped because on that fateful day that I might actually complete my collection, I'd have a place for all of them to hang out........... Okay, stop judging and pretend your six years old again........ That's what I do.  Now, look at that picture of the Hall of Doom there and tell me; can I fit all my Legion in there?  The answer is no....... No I can't.  At tops if I really jam them in there I might fit six but I don't know.  This goes along with the size of the headquarters like I said before but this takes the #1 spot because I just wanted a place for all my Legion figures to go and now I know that I never will.

I've seen a lot of people online talking about how they're really excited for this playset but like the list suggests, I'm not all about it.  I don't know if my expectations were just too high for a toddler's toy or what...... I just know that I wanted more.  I do love the Imaginext line of DC characters and will probably be a big hypocrite and pick this playset up and maybe after spending some time with it I'll eat my words but as far as first impressions go, it's not what I wanted.  I hope you tolerated this Top 5 list, where you got to explore some of my neurotic toddler toy fanaticism and we'll see you next time where the list will probably have something more to do with comics.  See you in seven.

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