Sunday, March 15, 2015

Worlds' Finest #32 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Jed Dougherty, Chris Sotomayor, 
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 11, 2015

The End of The Age of Wonders

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Okay everyone who's been as disappointed as I have about this title, it's finally at an end and we can rest easy knowing that this is the final issue of the series that I thought had so much promise when it first began........... Yeah, that's a bit harsh but this title has really let me down.  Okay, in the last issue we dealt with the first leg of Darkseid's invasion where he turned the satellites of Earth-2 against it's people by  using them as weapons that rained down from the sky....... also knocking out communications.  While we saw our Wonders doing their best to rescue people in Metropolis, Supergirl came into contact with Intri who was supposed to kill one of our heroes who I figured was Batman but at this point who knows.  As our issue ended Batman stole Terry Sloan's kryptonite piece and Lois Lane walked into the Daily Planet for her final interview.  Let's see if this issue can end on a strong note and hopefully redeem this series......... Or at least this newer Superman/Batman of Earth 2 version of it.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Batman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave forging themselves a kryptonite sword from the piece of Kryptonite that Batman stole from Terry Sloan in the last issue because even though we all know that they're wrong, they believe that these beings claiming to be gods that are coming to Earth are actually Kryptonians........... and that's not a terrible assumption knowing how powerful they are and after working around Superman for so long, I can see the correlation.  It seems that Wonder Woman is taking this whole "New Gods" thing a little personally though given her relationship with who she believes are "actual" gods and she wants to prove that these invaders are false by killing the hell out of them and man does she get her chance when Intri makes her last appearance in this series when she's sent to the Batcave to kill..................... Catwoman?  Yeah, for some reason she was supposed to kill Catwoman and I don't understand why.  Instead though, Intri is met with Wonder Woman and Batman and after a brief battle both Wonder Woman and Batman stab her with the K sword and they kill a god and I'm left wondering more about this than why Intri was sent to kill Catwoman.  For some reason this comic makes it look like New Gods are vulnerable to Kryptonite because while Wonder Woman's sword that once made Superman bleed had no affect on Intri, the K sword actually seemed to do some damage and I'm left flabbergasted............. But it was still cool seeing a New God die and witnessing the kind of energy that is released when that happens.

Elsewhere while Superman is training with Supergirl, Lois is conducting her last interview with the first man to witness the satellites falling from the sky and for whatever reason this man has also been brainwashed by Intri and takes this little one on one session with Lois as an opportunity to stab her.  With her last breath Lois calls out to Clark and even though he's a world away he still hears his wife's call and rushes to her aid............. It's just too bad that for as fast as Superman is, he wasn't fast enough to say goodbye to Lois.

In the end, We attend Lois's funeral where her father decides to create the Red Tornado project as a way to save his daughter and because of the gift of the Eastern Wind that Mercury bestowed on her at a young age, Lois was able to stave off death and eventually become one of Earth-2's Wonders as they fought back their world's end.

That's it for this final issue of Worlds' Finest and I have to say for as much as I've bitched and complained about this series, this issue tells me to "suck it" because it was pretty decent.  It's odd that it took the final issue to actually impress me and make me feel like this is a series that I wouldn't mind seeing more of.......... Well, maybe that's overreaching.  I really did enjoy this issue though, from the heart felt story to the decent art that accompanied it and while it doesn't make the entire series run worthwhile, it definitely let's me know that there was something here worth telling........ All except why Intri was supposed to kill Catwoman and why Kryptonite hurt her......... That shit still doesn't make sense to me but besides for that it was a really cool issue.

Bits and Pieces:

It's very odd to me that it took the final issue for there to be something worth being in this series.  While there are still some down right confusing moments, this issue was by far the best issue of Worlds' Finest that I've read since the series switched gears and focused on Superman and Batman of Earth-2.  So if your still reading this series for whatever reason, then make sure you check out this issue so that you can finally have some satisfaction.


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