Sunday, April 5, 2015

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 4/4/2015

What a week it's been.  Actually, it's been a pretty standard week for me, but I always see people
open articles like that so I thought I'd join in.  April Fools Day started off this comic week and while I usually go full bore with pranks, I laid off a bit.  I tricked Eric into believing my Dad had died, but after that hilarious fun, I laid low.  As far as comics were concerned, this was an odd week.  It was dominated by Convergence #0 and the end of the three weeklies and had a weird ending/beginning vibe to it.  For the next two months, fans will be dealing with the Convergence Event so this will be the last covers column with the normal books for a while.  So, here are my picks...

Cover of the Week

Arkham Manor: Endgame #1 (Rafael Albuquerque)

Rafael Albuquerque wins again!  Rafael Albuquerque wins again!  I think that this weekly award should just be called the "Albuquerque".  This cover is so good.  It's dark, grim and awesome.  Seeing some of the most iconic Batman villains jokerized was fun and such a great way to start the final issue of Arkham Manor.

Runners Up

Convergence #0 (Tony S. Daniel Variant)

There is no way that we could out of this week without at least one of the Convergence covers making the list.  In fact, this is the first of two.  Tony S. Daniel is one of my favorite artists and this cover showing various Supermen breaking out of the chains that bind is so good.  My favorite...Red Son Superman.  After seeing the incredible versions of Brainiac in this issue, this cover became even more special.

Convergence #0 (Patrick Zircher Variant)

Here's the second Convergence Cover. Patrick Zircher's cover is so ominous and eerie and I really liked it.  This cover doesn't give you false promises or hope, it shows you this book is big, bad and ready to take you over.

Superman/Wonder Woman #17 (Gene Ha Movie Poster Varaint)

What better movie variant for this book than an homage to Gone With the Wind?  A classic poster for a classic couple.  Looking at it, however, Wonder Woman needs to be kissed by someone who knows how, but frankly, Superman doesn't give a damn.

Wonder Woman '77 #4 (Nicola Scott)

This cover has been around for a while now...that's the thing with the digital titles, but I don't care because I love it.  I also will admit that this is a backdoor way to get people to read this issue itself. Like Nicola Scott's awesome cover, the issue inside was great.  In fact, it's my Pick Of The Week...take it on home with ya'.

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