Thursday, June 18, 2015

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 Review

Written by: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by: Stephane Roux and Paul Mounts
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 18, 2015

Lust in the Dust

I'm still not sure that I've wrapped my head completely around the whole DC You "Story Trumps Continuity" thing, but this book is making me see the light.  Taking place during a missing panel of the awesome Harley Quinn and Power Girl arc in the regular Harley book, this is a story that can now be told.  Since I've yelled at anyone who will listen (2 people tops) about how great the Harley and PG story was, my excitement level for this book has been through the roof.  Did it live up to my personal hype?  Let's find out...

The issue begins with a pretty good recap of the Harley and Power Girl story that lead us to this book.  It may give the road map, but the reason this book exists is almost nonexistent.  I speak of the humor. Sure, there are jokes, pop culture references and parody galore, but almost all of it goes wide right and that doesn't win the Superbowl.  Ask Lee Norwood.

The story goes from Yoda to heavy artillery to an Iron Giant space ship that recognizes Kara and calls her "The Original".  Before you can laugh at the bean bag chairs and lava lamps in PG's love nest, our duo arrives on the moon of Lustox.  The moon is embroiled in a battle between the lustful forces of Vartox and the prudish members of Team Oreth Odeox.  If that sentence doesn't make sense to you, have no fear, the story isn't that good anyway.

After some boob jokes and a funny bit featuring Harley and a cute, little gun that goes BOOM, the not so dynamic duo meet up with the free loving disciples of Vartox and also a squad of Odeox's ships.  The issue ends with both gals looking scared as the sky above them fills with attack ships. Shit just go real.

I said it above and it's worth repeating, I loved the Harley Quinn and Power Girl arc that spawned this book.  It was clever, hilarious and had heart.  This didn't have any of those and I think the last part is what it misses the most.  The original story was based on Harley really wanting to be a superhero and jumping on the opportunity when Power Girl happens to show up with amnesia.  This story is just Harley telling jokes while Power Girl yells.  Maybe the problem is focus.  The original was a Harley story with PG along for the ride.  It feels like the opposite here.  This is a Power Girl story with Harley there for comedy relief.  I'm not sure what went wrong, but I know I didn't like it much.

Stephane Roux did a decent job on art this issue.  It's not the usual Chad Hardin art I was expecting, but nothing offended me here.  It also didn't wow me.

Bits and Pieces:

I love Harley Quinn and while Palmiotti and Conner's Harley and Power Girl arc had me laughing out loud, I barely cracked a smile here.  The forgettable story, missed jokes and safe art really let me down.  I hope the next issue is a huge improvement because time is already running out on this miniseries.



  1. I did see a reference to Fawcett's Mr. Mind (a telepathic genius worm), who hopes to escape his current location by taking over someone else's mind, only to be foiled by Harley's motion sickness.

    1. When Justice League was having the Shazam origin as backups and then concluded it with a full issue in Justice League #21, we had a cliffhanger where we saw Mr. Mind. I just wish we got back to that because It seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun.