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Top 5 Fridays: Characters I Want To See In Gotham By Midnight

Welcome back to another Top 5 Fridays!  This week has pretty much been the week of Annuals, but my favorite of the bunch had to be the Gotham by Midnight (you can find the review HERE). I'm not much of a fan of the horror genre, but Midnight is definitely the exception.  It's a nice crime drama where the ghosts become the criminals and it's one of the books I look forward to most when its time for new comics.

In the issues since the DC You started, we have had Kate Spencer, the Manhunter in past continuities and in the Annual, the Gentleman Ghost became the criminal that had to be taken down.  Add that to Corrigan's offer to Batwing in Batman Eternal and the cast continues to grow.  With those thoughts in mind, I began to wonder what other characters could fit in this title!  Reminder: this is my list and if you don't like it you can make your own. ENOUGH BABBLE! Let us begin!

5: Sybil Silverlock

I know it's probably gonna be more and more touched upon in Gotham Academy later down the line, but she seemed a major threat to have Batman's undivided attention. "But isn't she dead," you are probably asking yourselves. She is but at the end of the most recent issue, you see her presumed ghost watch over her little girl.  A little girl with the same powers she has!  They could just be scientific metahumans, but I get the feeling that there's something dark enshrouding them both. Some might consider it a demonic darkness, but whatever it is, it's something for our detectives over at the Midnight Shift can figure out.

4: Batwoman

Batwoman might seem to be an odd character to place among the dead/undead characters on this list, but where Batman fights crime on the streets, Batwoman has fought some of the creepiest paranormal villains this side of Gotham. She has fought Bloody Mary, the Weeping Woman, Morgan Le Fay and her demons, just to name a few.  She worked alongside a man who looks just like a skeleton, teamed up with Etrigan and Ragman, and had a vampire as a lover.  She's tangled with the paranormal so often, it's strange to think that it's not HER going to see Corrigan about cases instead of Batman.  She knows how to combat those things that go bump in the night and with the Bat-family's standing with the GCPD, it would make sense for this Bat to join the fight.

3: Deadman

Here's pretty much the basis for most of the Midnight Shift's cases so far.  They go to the crime scene, Corrigan senses a sin and they get to work.  Only recently have people actually CALLED on the team.  So far its been to send ghosts away, but what if a ghost came in and asked for help?
To those who don't know the story of Deadman, he was shot mid-trapeze jump and fell to his death.  It has been one of his biggest mysteries in DC and I don't believe it has been cleared up in the New 52 universe yet.  Since he can't physically do things, maybe he wants a detective to help close his case for good.

2: Phantom Stranger

The Spectre has been a bit of a burden on poor Jim Corrigan for the longest time.  When we first saw the detective, he was angry at how poor of a job the GCPD was trying to find his girl...When he took matters into his own hands, he died because of a Stranger.  That's right, to those who don't know it was the Phantom Stranger who caused Corrigan's death, which turned him into the Spectre.  All that pain and worry Corrigan goes through to make sure the Spectre doesn't come out?  ALL THE STRANGER'S FAULT!  So what if the source of both their powers said, "Bad stuff coming, work together."  The pair would have to set aside their differences and go off to see what could possibly be coming to Gotham that would need two of the most powerful hitters of the DC universe to stop.

1: Solomon Grundy

The moment they mentioned Slaughter Swamp, my mind instantly thought this undead behemoth was gonna pop out and wreck house.  Grundy is a fantastic example of why Gotham has a paranormal side to it.  He's a being that never dies.  Even if you blew him to bits, he's always coming back.  I don't even think the Spectre could destroy this monster without him coming back.  His story is one of sins being committed to both him and to others.  The only issue with him coming along is that readers might get confused with the Grundy of Earth 2.  While that Grundy was great for the Green Lantern of that world, a Grundy on Earth Prime doesn't need to be the intelligent monster.  He could be the mysterious rumor that haunts downtown Gotham......A monster that only speaks in rhymes before taking a life.....a creature the Midnight Shift would need to take down.

That's it for the Top 5 Characters I Want To See In Gotham By Midnight!  If you haven't gotten on the Midnight train going anywhere (yes, I hate myself for that too), go check out the series now! Leave a comment on what you think and I'll see you next time!

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