Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fanboy Theories: Professor Zoom's Secret

A Link to the Past

If you have been keeping up with the latest Flash story arc, you would see that Professor Zoom has returned and has been preparing to take down the Flash once and for all.  In last week's annual, you see him recruiting some of the strangest metahumans this side of the DC universe, all having been touched by the speed force.  We have an age controller, a man who can fold in and out of space, a woman who can become as dense as granite and the kid equivalent to the Tasmanian Devil.  Add the brilliant mind of Selkirk (who I'm still convinced is supposed to be Jay Garrick's Reverse Flash) and you have the ultimate team to KILL the Flash.
Yes, I said KILL. This is where the theorizing begins when I ask, "Why would Zoom kill the Flash?"  If anyone doesn't know, Zoom is the one who killed Barry's mother, which started the chain of events that leads to the creation of the Flash...which in a few centuries leads to the creation of Professor Zoom...  So what gives?  Why kill him if he's never been allowed to before by the laws of space and time?  Because he is a paradox...The Flashpoint Paradox. I believe this Zoom is actually the same Zoom that supposedly died at the end of the Flashpoint event, and here's why...

1: Why is he in the past as an old man?

The first major fact that helps prove this theory is his earliest appearance in the universe's history.. Despite him being from the future, he looks extremely aged in this panel from the comic.  This would make sense if it was in the 26th century, but he is first seen in 1520, nearly 460 years before Barry's Mother's murder.
Not only is it that he's just in the distant past, but he's AGED in the distant past.  This would mean he's actually been there for many years-DECADES EVEN!  With age, apparently comes the loss of the magnificent powers of the Speed Force, and requires his aging to be reversed.
During the reset that came from Flashpoint, it sent Booster Gold from Pre-Flashpoint Universe into the future. This could mean that any time traveling hero or villain could be sent to any random point in time, speedsters included.  While Gold ended up in the future and Flash ended up in the present, Zoom could have ended up in the distant past, only to begin plotting his revenge against the Flash.

2: Why is he so mad at the man who created him?

The major question comes to the fact of WHY he wants to kill the Flash.  Before he wants him dead however, Zoom wants to make the Flash suffer.  This isn't much different to the normal Zoom, but the difference between the Zoom we've met and the Zoom we know is mainly the kill factor.  He has always been like Barry's Joker, where he could not live without him to torture. He is more grateful than anything to be created by his heroics.  

That all changed during the Flashpoint event.  When Barry stopped Zoom, it removed him entirely from the time stream and made him the Paradox.  At the end of the event, without any worry of changing the timeline, Thomas Wayne stabbed the Speedster from the Future to save the Flash.  Since Thomas and his world died, the only revenge Thawne would need to enact would be on the main cause of his death; Barry Allen.  He even proclaimed he could during the whole of the Flashpoint event.  Since he no longer is apart of the time stream he should be able to KILL him without any repercussions.


The biggest and most important fact that should be noted is the fact that Thawne is supposed to be DEAD in the timeline.  I don't mean from existence as Flashpoint, but in the timeline he should be dead.  In the third Flash Annual, we get a glimpse of the future Flash taking on Grodd.  We found Grodd eating the brains of the brightest minds in history to enrich his knowledge and power over the speed force.  The brain we find him eating is the brain of the greatest mind in the 25th century: EOBARD THAWNE.  One could argue that since Blue Flash went back in time and stopped his time stream from existing, Eobard shouldn't need to worry about that happening...right?  Just because one time stream changes, it doesn't affect ALL timelines (just another term for multiverse).  For an example of a timeline difference that ended up the same, think of prime superman and red son superman.  Despite the Supermen living on two different sides of the planet, they practically are the same.  They both want to protect the people of this planet, but Red Son doesn't have an identity to hinder him.  He flies into restricted air space to save an American child from getting crushed and American Superman would do the same.  Just because Thawne doesn't die in one timeline, he won't in another.  In the words of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, "If he dies, he dies."

THAT'S IT FOR THIS SPECIAL FANBOY THEORY!  What do you think of the theory?  What do you think would cause Zoom to kill the Flash?  Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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