Monday, September 21, 2015

Doctor Fate #4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Sonny Liew, Lee Loughridge, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 16, 2015

The Doctor Is Finally In

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Boy, have I been disappointed with this series so far....... This just isn't Doctor Fate and that seems like the biggest tragedy of all....... well, maybe not the biggest.  The biggest has got to be that our main character has spent three issues whining and actually getting people killed instead of doing what we all came here to see him do and hopefully you all will agree with me when I say that's seeing someone be a damn hero.  If that wasn't enough negativity for that ass, it just so happens that I'm not a fan of the art either.  Shit's rough all around for me with this book, but each month I dive right in hoping beyond hope that each time I do, I'll finally see the hero that I want to see and believe it or not....... we might actually get that here.  Let's check this out.

Explain It!:

It's the first day of medical school for our main character Khalid and while I can't say that I actually expect him to blow off his future in becoming an actual Dr. to go and save the world from the flood that Anubis is causing........ well, I do actually.  The world is ending and if that happens then we won't have any need for doctors......will we Khalid?.....WILL WE!?  Don't worry this isn't going to be me going full force into Negative Nancy mode, but the beginning of this book doesn't do anything for me except make me throw my hands in the air and yell "What the fuck" because this book took the time to let us know that when Khalid got lectured in class for not paying attention, he immediately believes the reason for this is because he's Egyptian........ really Khalid?  You're putzin' around on your laptop during class and when you get called out for it you pull the race card?...... or the nationality card?...  I don't really understand how all that works, but nonetheless... nonsense.  We do find out that Khalid is planning on changing his name to Kent when he becomes a doctor though, so even though we originally saw this character as Khalid Nelson and then Khalid Nassour, it looks like at some point in this series' run we will actually have a Doctor Fate who's named Kent Nelson.  It's a strange thing to look forward to, but at this point I'm just looking for something that resembles the hero that I loved as a kid.  

Once school is over and Khalid realizes that the flood isn't going to fix itself, he gets it in his head that since he acquired the Helm of Thoth from the Brooklyn Museum, that he might actually be able to get some answers from some of the Egyptian Temples that are part of the exhibit.......which is pretty smart and it's even cooler when we see Khalid begin using his powers appropriately when he flies through the glass at the Museum in a sort of phase and doesn't alert the guards to his presence...... That's right Khalid, own that shit!  Anyway, Khalid doesn't receive any real information about how he's supposed to as I just put it "own that shit", but what we get instead is a psychedelic trip to Nabu, who isn't much help and the damn Sphinx giving riddles instead of answers...... What's up with Sphinx's always giving people the runaround?  Bunch of nose-less jerks if you ask me.

In the end, Khalid comes out of his magical hallucination and begins his way home when something extraordinary happens along the way....... Khalid actually becomes a hero when he saves people from a car crash and then uses his powers to extinguish the flames of the wreck before they could cause the vehicles to explode...... It was an amazing scene that actually makes me have hope for this series, but before we put a pin in this thing, we have one more bit that comes out of nowhere.  We see that for whatever reason that Bastet is back in the form of a cat and confronts Khalid once again.......... or maybe we're only supposed to believe it's Bastet for cliffhanger purposes.

That's it for this issue of Doctor Fate and I'm amazed by the fact that I didn't hate this issue.  Yeah, the beginning was a little rough and I could do without the acid trip that was Nabu and The Sphinx running their mouths without much to show for it afterwards, but I have to say that it was all worth it when we finally saw Khalid man the hell up and begin acting like a goddamn superhero.  Yeah, I'm still not a fan of the art that much, but when Doctor Fate was ripping off car doors and summoning the water to extinguish the flames of the wreck, I found myself not giving a shit about what the book looked like because I was having a good time.  So yeah, give me more of that.  I don't think that you'll ever find me saying that I'm a fan of this book, but I could see from this that there might be a day that I don't mind giving this Doctor Fate a spin every month.  

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm still not on the Doctor Fate trolley with this series, I do have to say that this was my favorite issue so far and I hope this is only the beginning of things to come because for all the things that I don't like in this book, I found myself not caring when Khalid began acting like a hero and using his powers like a bad ass.  So yeah, if you're already a fan of this book, then this review does nothing for you, but if you've been on the fence about picking this up, then it might not hurt too bad to give this issue a try to see how it fits.  


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