Thursday, November 12, 2015

Batman Beyond #6 Review and *SPOILERS*

Brother Eye Gouging 

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 11, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Who's ready to save the world and look good doing it?  Tim Drake that's who!  That's right boys and girls, we're heading back to that awful world of Thirty-Five Years From Now to watch the final conflict between Batman Beyond and Brother Eye and even though it was kind of slow going at first, this arc has definitely picked up the pace and become a title that I seriously look forward to now.  Last month, we saw Tim Drake taking on the borg-ed out versions of his former friends in Jim Gordon's Bat-Suit, since he went and burned out his own and after teaming up with Micron and really making their presence known in terms of bad ass-ery, Tim went with Barbara to find a way to end the fight and apparently that way leads to an old hideout of the Court of The Owls.  Let's jump into this conclusion to the Brother Eye story arc and see what the future holds for Tim Drake as Batman Beyond.  

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Brother Eye being as pissed as an anthropomorphic super computer can be at not knowing what Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon are doing at what appears to Brother Eye to be a useless structure when they're supposed to be fighting the full force of his legion in their final battle.  While I speculated during the last review that our pair were going for some heavy artillery in the form of either frozen Talons or Mr. Freeze's cold gun.  It turns out that they were heading for a secret JLA transporter that Bruce moved to this location years ago and since Brother Eye took over the Watchtower and placed it on the moon, this transporter may just be a one way ticket to cybernetic hell.  

While Barbara and Micron keep the legion of borg-ed out former heroes at bay, Tim Drake takes the fight to Brother Eye and man is he surprised to see this former satellite rocking a body of his own, but really, what would a fight against a robot suit-ed Batman Beyond be if it was simply against a computer console, or a monitor with a creepy eye screensaver?  Pretty lame, that's what.  Besides for the obvious reasons for Tim going after Brother Eye, you know, saving the world and all that, he also made a promise to Inque to save her daughter Deanna, who was kidnapped by Brother Eye as a way to keep Inque in check, but maybe that wasn't the best way to make friends because on top of Batman coming to take Brother Eye down, Inque stowed away and turns out to be Earth's only hope.

 That's right boys and girls, Inque's making sure that Tim keeps his promise and after a sonic blast cracks Brother Eye's shell, Inque uses her ability to infest the sentient computer so she can shut him down before he can download his consciousness into another system.  Inque begs Tim to take Deanna and get out of there so she can finish off the crazy computer and they almost don't make it because when Brother Eye explodes, it causes a chain reaction destroying the entire complex on the moon.

In the end, now that Brother Eye is destroyed, all his borg-ed out monsters fall dead and the people of Earth realize that their nightmare is over....... well, most of them because Tim is still stuck in a time that his not his own and even though the oppression of Brother Eye is over, I don't think that Tim will ever really feel at home in this Beyond world, but at least we'll start seeing something that resembles the future we once knew from the Batman Beyond series now that this story arc is over........ or it will completely stall like Earth 2: Society did and nobody wants that.

That's it for this issue of Batman Beyond and even though I really began liking this series when Tim stepped up to fight against Brother Eye, this conclusion to the story comes off a little anti-climactic because here we've had this over the top, world dominating threat going on for awhile in this future and all Batman has to do is get to his stronghold and fist fight him to get the job done.  Yeah, Inque helped, but the Rocky like finale where our hero and villain simply punch each other over and over just wasn't the conclusion to a story that's been going on since Futures End that I was looking for.......  It was just too simple.  While the art at times felt rushed, overall I had a good time with what Bernard Chang did with the battle.  Even though I just pish poshed the simple fight scene, the art team did do their job in making it a spectacle to look at.  Hopefully, now that we're out of Brother Eye territory and going into a true Brave New World, we can see what Dan Jurgens really has planned for Tim Drake of the future in this man out of time series.  The sky is the limit here and I can't wait to see it.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though I don't think that this conclusion is the most exciting, it does get me excited for what's to come........ yeah, that's not really talking about this book, but anything can happen from here on out and that's gotta get Batman Beyond...... or Tim Drake fans excited.  The majority of this book though, is just a beat 'em up and comes off lackluster because of all the build up we've had and knowing that Brother Eye was able to take over the world, but apparently can't take a punch.  The art, while at times feels rushed, does a fine job portraying this battle of the ages in the long run, I just hope that we can keep the colors bright as this as the series progresses.



  1. Wow I Get Mad my Favorite Gundam Suit got Destroy.

    Inque and Time Drake Batman Beyond Save The Day.

    The one delivered final blown to Brother Eye its Inque.

    Poor Deanna her Mother Die Protect her.

    I know feeling Time Drake This not his Home. his Real home from new york under the name Cal Corcoran with her girlfriend Madison and his own bar work home get destroyed by Brother eye in past that why he very mad.

    story not over yet this batman beyond had long story i check list spoiler right now there Batman Beyond 07 for december and Batman Beyond 08 for january.

  2. Well now that brother eye is gone , the real test of whether or not the series can last begins next month

  3. *somewhere the Furious 7 ending song plays*futures finally over