Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prez #6 Review

End of the First Term

Written by: Mark Russell
Art by: Ben Caldwell and Jeremy Lawson
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 2, 2015

*Spoilers below, Score and summary at the bottom*

This is the end of Prez's first term as a series, but is it good enough that we will get a second story arc with our president Beth Ross? In this issue, it really feels like nothing happened, but we did finally get somewhat of a story with Beth. While it was not as entertaining as other issues of Prez have been, it was nice to have a real focus for this book instead of looking at multiple issues in the future. 

Beth Ross is hated in the news, the nation and most likely the entire world and it's all because of the Cat Flu epidemic. Haters are always gonna hate, but there's always someone who takes it too far. Here it's the Church of Wormology who believes all life is sacred, especially germs. Because of that strange ideology, they are against the President funding research for a cat flu cure.  You see, no flu equals no germs equals no dice!

The other plot  focuses on Tina, the transgendered robot, who feels guilty for all the murdering she has done. The Church who took her in has been under constant attack because the military does not want her left unsupervised...remember, she was formally Warbeast!  While all hell breaks loose, Tina finally decides to get a job to help her caretakers out.  What a trooper.  I'd love to tell you more, but that's really all there is to this issue.  Funny thing is, it was enough for me to enjoy myself.

I enjoyed this issue enough, but I'll admit that I am a little fed up with the series at this point.  I have no problem with 
Mark Russell's writing, but it does tend to get a little ridiculous and off track.  What began as a humourous take on politics, religion and pop culture became a bit tired by the time we got to this last issue.  I know that we've all heard it's continuing, but I just can't see it.

I have loved the art in this book since the first issue.  The way 
Ben Caldwell gives the book such a cartoony look really does wonders as a juxtaposition to the dark tone and subject matter . It really made the book more satirical than it already was and that is something. Jeremy Lawson's colors do wonders as well and really give the art a vibrant look.

Bits and Pieces:

In the final issue of this arc, the story may have flown by, but I liked it.   I enjoyed this series and thought it was hilarious as a whole, even if  it was a bit stretched out and probably could have used a little more focus. We barely saw any character follow ups besides Tina which left me wanting so much more.   Mark Russell has promised Prez will eventually return and I hope we get some closure.


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