Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Questions With...David Messina

We haven't done a Five Questions With... interview in a long while, but it's 2016 and that means no more being lazy at the Weird Science Clubhouse.  So, to kick off  a new phase of interviews, I give you David Messina.  Messina is one kick ass artist.  His Catwoman run with Genevieve Valentine was one of my favorites and his art was such a big part of it.  Recently,  he showed up on Midnighter and gave fans a reimagined Freedom Beast and some of the craziest The Fly inspired art that I've ever seen.  He's also done work on Angel, The Bounce, Star Trek and some very sexy erotic comics. Plus, he agreed to put up with our nonsense and do this interview, so that's pretty awesome in and of itself!  So, without further ado, I give you Five Questions With...David Messina.

What are you working on at the moment and/or is coming out soon?

At the moment I'm working at the same time on the first run of Rom The Spaceknight for IDW (along my friend Chris Ryall and Christos Cage) and on Action Comics (along with Aaron Kuder and Greg Pak)!  In both cases I'm taking care of fallen alien heroes on earth! It's pretty fun!

Since you are Italian, what is your favorite Scottish cuisine?

AHAHAHAHAH!!!! I've no clue about it, but that means I've to try some Scottish food as soon as possible!

What was the first comic book you ever read?

It was the Amazing Spider-man #121 "Turning Point" but also  "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" by Gerry Conway, Gil Kane and John Romita!  An awesome book that was the starting point of my love for comics and for the Spiderman character!  

As a teacher, who is more of a whiny bitch, Luke Skywalker when he can't go to Tosche Station or Kylo Ren when anything doesn't go his way?

Luke Skywalker of course! At least Kylo Ren has the issue of a bulky role model as his grandfather (Darth Vader) to deal with.  It's a lot of pressure! What excuse has Luke Skywalker?  He didn't even know that Darth Vader was his father!

As a publisher of erotic comics, what would it take for you to create  the comic "Weird Science: The Awakening of Eric Shea"?

It would take Yours, Mine and Ours! 

What inspired you to become a comic book artist?

Primarily the need to be a superhero myself (Spiderman actually) and secondary the refuse of my uncle to die in order to give me the right motivational push to fight crime!  

In the recent issue of Midnighter,  you got to draw the return of Freedom Beast, what other DC characters would you like to reintroduce into the DCU?

I've no idea! Who's left? Codename Steel? Gipsy? All my favorites (The New Gods, Doom Patrol, Zatanna, Shade) were all already introduced!  That's sad, especially for Zatanna, she is so awesome!  

Chicken wings...is their anything they can't do?

Fired and spicy there's a lot that they can do! ...a LOT! 

I'd like to thank David for putting up with us and for some reason, I am really hungry for chicken wings right now!  See ya next time...


  1. David, could still reimagine Shade, and Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol was done a disservice in the new 52, and if he was talking about The Shade, no one has touched on if he even exist or Jack Knight Starman for that matter.

    1. Doom Patrol showed up what--twice in the New 52? Once in Justice League right after Forever Evil and for like one panel in JLU--then Cliff Steele was in five issues of JLU. I would love to see a real Doom Patrol comic already!!!

    2. preferably, where Chief isn't a giant dick hole.

  2. Oh id love to see Gypsy pop up! Shes one of my favorites and tragically doesn't get near enough attention.
    Though im also a fan of Extrano, so im not exactly in the majority here. ^^;

    1. Gypsy was a main character in Geoff Johns "Vibe" Run. Another great series that just doesn't exist because of 10 batman & superman books, 5 Harley Quin books, and Books like JLA & Bizzaro that have story over Continuity. DC has no idea what to take chances on, and B-List characters who could be possibly more, Like Gypsy & Vibe pay the price.