Friday, January 8, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Moments In The DC Comics Television Fall Season

Welcome back to another (ON TIME!) edition of Top 5 Fridays! When I first started on this blog, I did reviews on Arrow, Gotham and The Flash's fall seasons. Since then, like a plague, I've infected the site with my fanboy theories, reviews, and now Top 5's. With it still fresh off New Years I decided that this week's Top 5 should harken back to what got me started on the site: DC Television. Like my Characters I Want to See in DC Television list (which you can read right HERE ) I will be picking my number 1's from each show, rather than it going down a normal Top 5 as usual. Why? Because $%#! the system of Top 5 lists! Lets start!

Gotham: The Joker Curse is Born

This season so far focused on it's villains in probably the best way possible, making them not only enjoyable to watch, but in some cases faithful to the source material. Then we had Jerome, the biggest bait and switch the show could think of. Since his first appearance, his actions hinted at his future at being the Joker we know and love. This seemed cemented when Jerome's Fortune Teller Father said that he would leave a "Legacy of Death".
When he died, those hopes were dashed...or were they? As the episode ended, men all over the city began to laugh at Jerome's horrific actions. This meant that the "legacy" had begun in a way that could actually fit in the comic world. We see Joker fall off cliffs or into explosions yet he keeps coming back like a demon....obviously he's not, but has people ready to take his place. I doubt we'll get a true Joker in the show, but this certainly was a fantastic take on the madness.

The Flash: Flash Vs. Zoom Round 1

To those who don't remember my list of the Top 5 DC TV Villains, I put the Reverse Flash as number one. I didn't think the show could create a main villain that could be menacing as Reverse Flash without their own identity...then we got Zoom...and holy crap was the first fight brutal. Unlike season 1 where Barry referred to "the man in yellow" every other episode, the villains spoke about Zoom, often in terrified tones. When he finally arrives on Earth prime and we see him, he looks like a friggin' demon! Not only looked like one, but moved like one. His fight with the Flash was practically him toying with him. He was just faster at every turn; HE FRIGGIN' CAUGHT LIGHTNING AND THREW IT RIGHT BACK AT BARRY! However the pinnacle of this fight had to be when Zoom just dragged The Flash through the city, showing the battered hero to the city that just gave him an award for being it's protector. It was a brutal fight that gave our hero something to fear.

Arrow: Constantine Saves Sara's Soul

I can't believe I'm saying this...Constantine was a good guy who did a heroic thing...The Brit I hate with a fiery passion made it onto this list for not only his act of heroism to bring back Sara from the spirit world, but showed that on the right network with the right audience, comic book magic can be done. The entire episode really helped solidify the fact that 'Yes, Magic is going to play a major role from this point on.' We had hints of it last season with the Lazarus Pit, and before this episode we saw Damien Darhk perform a ritual that gave him powers, but when this episode came into play the Theme of Magic really stepped into the light. The actual ritual itself felt very reminiscent to Constantine's show, and the fight in the spirit world was very neat when it came to using magic to defeat the guardian. The outcome, both story wise and production wise, worked wonders and help Arrow's fourth season to begin rising above the others.

Supergirl: The Last Son of Mars

Alright. Real Talk. Was there anyone who saw this amazing twist coming? I remember last year how much I was hoping for a Green Lantern or Cyborg Superman to show up  on the show, but I kept forgetting about the Martian. During the first part of the season, we had this mysterious leader of the DEO (Department of Extra-normal Operations) in the form of Hank Henshaw who may or may not have been the cause of Supergirl's adoptive father going missing. Then we see him suddenly able to kill a bullet proof alien, which makes us suspicious of what he is, as Hank Henshaw is supposed to be Cyborg Superman....then it makes a 180 and becomes more awesome. The story J'onn gives Alex, Supergirl's adoptive sister, is sad and heartfelt but it had my mind racing as I pieced together what he was...and then he says one of the coolest introduction lines for the character. "I am the sole survivor of my planet...the last son of Mars...My name is J'onn J'onzz." It was a perfect way to bring in a famous alien in the DC universe(Also 2015 seems to be the year of the Martian. He's on TV and his comic is getting great reviews!)

Overall: Dawn of Legends of Tomorrow

This one can be considered a cop out, as the entire team had a variety of "origin episodes." On Arrow, Ray Palmer finally had his suit shrink while Sara was brought back from the dead. On The Flash, we witnessed the birth of a new Firestorm while Captain Cold began to ponder the idea of doing a little more good with his cold gun. Finally on the Arrow/Flash crossover, we saw the warrior return and Kendra realized her destiny as Hawkgirl in time to fight Vandal Savage. Each of these episodes and moments have been building up to the closest thing we'll get to a live action Justice League on television for a while. All we need to do now is tune in on January 21st and watch the Legends unfold.

That's it for my favorite TV Moments in the Fall Season! What was your favorite moment? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. Supergirl has been okay so far... and then Jonn showed up. Now I have to watch!!

    1. I kinda agree. Its not a disaster like i was expecting, but its not AMAZING!! either.

    2. I know exactly what you mean, intrigued now but not excited.

    3. It also seems like the friendliest show to watch with family...i mean helgrammite looked terrifying but in comparisson to some of the things you saw on arrow its nothing!