Monday, February 1, 2016

Fanboy Theories: Vega System's Pointless No Lantern Agreement

I am going to open up this Fanboy Theory by saying I LOVE OMEGA MEN! Its a fantastic dark and gritty space tale with a group of memorable characters. However, as is the problem with holding my second favorite lantern as one of the leads, it keeps bothering me on this huge plot hole....WHERE IS HIS TEAM?! Where is Carol?! Where is anyone who gives a flying #$%^ about Kyle Rayner?! He's been out in this system for months and not one person has tried to find him?! I get Lanterns aren't allowed, and that's what I'll be tackling today: How useless IS the "No Lantern" agreement is! This is all just my personal thoughts and reasons on how this agreement means nothing. I'm not critiquing the story as a whole, just this one plot point that seems to make no sense.

1: "No Lanterns" Order can be revoked!
Do you know who is not only a resident of the Vega System, but also a Lantern. Larfleeze. Yup, arguably one of the most powerful Lanterns in the known universe hangs out in the Vega System. In fact, he is the reason the Vega System has this law. The agreement is that if Larfleeze aka Agent Orange can keep control of the Orange Light peacefully, and kept it buried in Okaara, the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps would mind their own business and The Citadel would mind their business.
This would have been absolutely fine with one exception... THIS IS LARFLEEZE AND THE ORANGE LANTERN CORPS! A couple thousand years ago they KILLED "angels" in their greedy attempts to grab them! Once he brought the Orange Light above ground, the Vega System basically kissed that deal goodbye as the Green Lanterns had to fly in and had to take care of this new threat. The rest of this story went down during Geoff Johns' run. I am not sure if the deal was reformed since then, but with Larfleeze flying around above Okaara, the door should be open for the Green Lanterns to show up(if they were still around). Speaking of Okaara...

2: There should be 2 Guardians still in the Vega System!
At the end of Johns' run, Sinestro and Larfleeze met up on Okaara and let the last two old Guardians, Ganthet and Sayd, finally be together and have the happily ever after they always wanted.
...These two god like beings are hanging out on Okaara... both of which could sense any Lantern, if not any person, in the whole of the universe. Guardians that have been banned from the Vega of which sees Kyle as a surrogate son...What is wrong with this picture? Okay, lets say "they gave up their power to be together," those two are still Guardians and by definition, illegal! Okaara should be invaded right now! The entire Citadel army should be blowing apart Okaara trying to find these two! If Kyle saw Ganthet being either arrested or even executed would instantly have him join the Omega Men! Either they are ignoring the whole situation or they are dead already, these two could change the whole game with a snap of their finger!

3: Sinestro Corps. Take Over
What is stopping the Sinestro Corps from busting into the Vega System right now and just taking over? Right now they are the biggest Lantern Corps in the entire universe and has a large group of leaders who strike fear in the populace... The Viceroy ordered the deaths of 4,000 people over a cup of tea. He caused an entire planet to die...this is an evil man, who probably has more people afraid of him then he can count.
When you think about it, the Omega Men themselves could probably be the perfect candidates for the rings that run on fear. THEY'RE TERRORISTS! THEY RIPPED OUT A MAN'S THROAT ON LIVE TELEVISION! THEY CRASHED A LARGE SHIP INTO A HEAVILY POPULATED PLANET!
The Sinestro Corp has basically a large candy store in front of them. Full of new members and an entire pioneer without the fear of the Green Lantern or ANY heroes from Earth stopping them...and the best part...they don't have anything stopping them.

In the end, its become pretty clear this agreement was only brought back so Kyle wouldn't be the second best thing to god flying around and stopping the citadel. So what do you think of the No Lantern Agreement? Do you think its pointless at this point? Let me know down in the comments and I'll see you soon.


  1. With Ganthet and Sayd, perhaps they did "give up their powers." It could be that they have sort of non-interference pact. It could be tied to their creation of the Blue Lantern Corps. Perhaps their powers are kind of inactive since it was mostly destroyed and Saint Walker is basically the only Blue Lantern now. I would wager that Larfleeze is probably too much to handle or too much of a headache for them to mess with. He is a bit of a wild card, and he's taken on massive groups of green laterns. He did have Sayad as his own personal guardian for a long time. My hunch is that he is just more hassle than he is worth. With Sinestro's corps, I honestly am not sure on that one. They do seem like the kind of people that the ring would be attracted too. I admit I have not followed his series or his corps since its launch, so I do not know what is going on with his merry band of psychos.

    1. I'm going to add with Ganthet and Sayd, they may have also left into places unknown. I don't recall much update on them, but I am a little back on my reading of the GL group (need to catch up). Last I remember they were together at the end of Johns run, and that was about it. I wonder if they've moved on or perhaps they will help with the Blue Lanterns again one day.

  2. Those are all true, but on the other hand:

    1. The Green Lanterns are in another universe right now.

    2. Sinestro is a selfish son of a bitch. I doubt, he gives a fuck about the Citadel.

    1. True on both accounts...but Sinestro also wants power, and as i said...THAT SYSTEM IS RIPE WITH FEAR

    2. Good point, but I think it's believable that he would be occupied with other things before he intervened. The guardians not interfering however..

  3. Maybe I saw this somewhere else but a White Ring possibly went to Ganthet??

  4. I really am wondering what the hell was Carol doing in the whole year or so that Kyle, her boyfriend, was gone.

    From Green Lantern Annual 2, we know that as a Star Sapphire she should be able to send a tether to Kyle's Location. More than that, as a star sapphire she SENSES that Kyle is alive and knows he's in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. We've seen it happen in green lantern: new guardians. Hell, after becoming a white lantern and harnessing the power of the violet light or the spectrum for love, Kyle Rayner was able to sense Karol was in danger. They sense each other.

    Carol is far from powerless and I don't believe she would be the type to sit around as Kyle got kidnapped.