Saturday, September 17, 2016

Faith #3 Review

The Long Con

Written by: Jody Houser
Art by: Pere Perez, Andrew Dalhouse, Marguerite Sauvage
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 14, 2016
Review by: Ryan Douglas

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Since her first mini-series, Faith is adjusting to having a day job and relationship since taking down a crazy murder cult.  At the start of her new ongoing series. Faith got the opportunity to meet her favorite actor Chris Chriswell, who turns out to become her own first arch nemesis. After being captured by Chris she was able to break free and place him in jail. But it turns out that was his stunt man the entire time.

The issue starts with Faith and her boyfriend Archer in their cosplay outfits. Faith is cosplaying as herself in a much needed new costume. While Archer is dressed as Legolas(Lord of the Rings fame). You see that Archer feels it's unnecessary to have to cosplay and feels naked without real weapons. 

While walking throughout the con Faith overhears two people talking to a vendor. It turns there is a cosplayer going around as a character called Murder Mouse(Earth 2 Danger Mouse) robbing vendors Hanna-Barbera style. Faith calls up her friend @x to help track down any photos online of Murder-Mouse at the con. Someone is bound to have a picture of you in the background wearing a giant mouse head. 

Shortly after, @x is able to pull up several photos from various social media sites with Murder-Mouse photo bombing. He is able to trace Murder Mouse’s hotel room by finding a room paid for with a re loadable debit card. Since the card is untraceable @x has a hunch that it’s him. Faith using her companion field is able to unlock the door and charges right in. 

They enter the room to find Murder Mouse surrounded by merchandise he stole. He is shocked to see that Faith was able to enter the room so easily. At this point, you would assume it’ll be very easy for Faith and Archer to take down Murder Mouse. But we come to find it won’t be so easy. As Faith uses her companion field to try and hold Murder-Mouse while Archer gets hotel security. Murder Mouse says a couple voodoo words causing a dragon statue to cause a blast, which brings both Archer and Faith to the floor. There we see Murder Mouse is able to run off. As both Archer and Faith come to they are shocked to find another Faith has appeared in the room. Next issue we’ll have to find out which of the Faiths are the evil double. Dun dun duuuun!

Overall I enjoyed the issue. The story didn’t necessarily carry over from the current story arc. That’s fine though, and allows them to tell a fun side story. I enjoyed seeing a random adventure with this Murder Mouse character. Throughout the issue Jody Houser plants in several helpful con tips that would be helpful to a con goer. As expected, being an issue based at a Comic Con there are plenty of cool nerdy Easter eggs to eat up. The art continues to be good and fits well with the story. Jody Houser continues to bring a fun take to the superhero genre. I’m also looking forward to her DC Young Animals title “Mother Panic”. 

Bits and Pieces:

We get to see Faith and Archer team up once again and have some fun at a comic convention.  While it feels like a filler issue. We still get introduced to a new villain up to no good.

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