Thursday, February 23, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 2/22/17

I Need a Late Pass

I did it again! Last week was packed full of comicky goodness and day job badness, and then I went away this past weekend, so Best Covers of the Week was unfortunately squeezed out of my schedule. But I'm sure the covers were all terrible last week, right? Let's get back in the saddle with the top five DC Comics covers for this week!

Justice League of America #1
Ivan Reis
Here's some great composition, evoking old pulp novels or Sci-Fi movie posters. In fact, Warner Bros. might want to take a couple of cues from this for the Justice League movie. For instance, Lobo should be on the team. He's the main man!


Deathstroke #13
Bill Sienkiewicz
Slade is being kicked so forcefully, the book's logo has been broken! Another plus for composition, though that automatic rifle that's supposedly been kicked out of Deathstroke's hands looks like it's sort of hovering nearby. Maybe it is. Comic book weapons are crazy.


Action Comics #974
Clay Mann & Tomeu Morey
God, just feel the energy coming off this image! And I don't mean you should feel the electricity and heat vision, there's just something very compact and explosive here. I think the coloring is doing a lot of the work here, though obviously Clark and Superman in close quarters is also making things look "cramped." In a good way.


Hellblazer #7 variant
Yasmine Putri
This is so good, it reminds me of Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland. The motion of Mercury and Constantine running along Paris rooftops is perfectly frozen by bisecting the image and forcing the movements to remain in their respective window frames. The coloring, the rendering--I like everything about this cover.


Kamandi Challenge #1
Kenneth Rocafort
We sort of come full-circle here, with another well-composed "team" cover that is reminiscent of old pulp novels. But while the cover to Detective is pretty good, this is gorgeous. It takes from a lot of Kamandi's mythology and makes the reader want to know what this crazy stuff is all about. Rats with guns? Dogs with medical licenses? What is this, North Carolina? You get away with anything there.

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  1. Actually picked Blue Beetle cause the cover really used the old school formula well.