Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Titans #22 Review and *SPOILERS*

The Big Brain

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, Adriano Lucas, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 11, 2018

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

While I hate that Titans is coming to an end, I do have to say that I've been enjoying this arc so far....... even if it doesn't really involve all our team.  Thankfully, Roy Harper's journeys are enough on their own, but now that he's completely separated from everyone else and The Brain is about to take full control of the world, I don't know if Arsenal is enough to tackle this threat on his own.  Hopefully, everyone starts getting their heads out of their asses and moves past Roy's past and sees that he's a hero through and through and come to his aid to stop The Brain and save the world.  Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with worldwide calamity now that The Brain has exceeded sixty percent of his "junkie cloud" as I'm calling it and is well on his way to becoming a god due to his increased intellect.  Hell, he's got the Justice League chasing their tails since he's been able to manipulate the weather all over the world and it seems that only Donna Troy is capable of thinking that this threat and what Roy Harper warned them about could be one and the same........ and with that, she disregards Batman's orders to stay on the Watchtower to go help Arsenal.  

Thankfully, Batman's not able to recall her teleport because he has his hands full at the moment because even though it's taken The Brain this whole arc to make it sixty percent capacity, he immediately reaches ninety-five percent within this issue and takes full control of not only the weather, but the Watchtower as well.  

In the end, the Justice League may very well be dealing with one of their biggest threats and it all comes down to Arsenal and Donna Troy to pull their asses out of the fire, which we get right to after Donna Troy kicks the shit out of Cheshire, who was on the verge of killing Roy Harper.

That's it for this issue and really.......... as much as I like this arc, there isn't much to this issue except for Brain's power increasing and the Justice League being taken off the board because they're too busy dealing with The Brain's weather disasters across the world.  Things just feel a bit too rushed in this issue because out of nowhere The Brain is going to become a god and on his way to being this, his mental capacities just allow him to pretty much do anything and while I'm usually okay with just going with comic book science, things progress too much here for our villain, which just leads to a kind of boring issue overall.  I did enjoy the art in this book, but besides for the promise of Roy and Donna kicking some ass in the next issue, there wasn't much excitement to be had here besides for all of these disasters that we were only really told about and didn't really see.  

Bits and Pieces:

While I've enjoyed this arc, this issue really felt forced to get our villain to be the big bad he's supposed to be here and because of that, we get a lot of exposition about what he's up to, while our heroes just kind of stand around or fight disasters off panel.  I did enjoy the art in this issue, but this is the weakest entry to this arc so far.



  1. The sex Roy had with Cheshire will produce Lian all over but what does this mean for the future of Roy and Donna together? Arsenal and Donna took a long time (half a century) to really happen and it is important they find happiness in each other.

    1. DC is wiser than to revive Lian Harper. Her character is the epitomy of an era full of gore and macabre supervised by DiDio. Women in fridges paved the way for children detonated. It'd be smarter of them to use Robert Lord Chaos as the future son of Donna and Roy to be the mad villain of the Titans future instead of a separate timeline Troia.

    2. Nope DC can't use Lord Chaos while Donna's origin is up in the air and Terry Long erased. Donna is a war weapon stereotype- a loved recurring theme in new 52, read Superboy- and essentially she adopted Diana's origin but Robert Long has godlike genome something Donna might lack since she's made of clay. Can she have kids? Why was she a baby fresh out of the forge in rebirth but already adult in new 52? If she is a humanoid does Dark Angel and the Titans of Myth apply to this continuity? DC is contradicting itself and doesn't care. And Lord Chaos is as much an alternate timeline occurrence as rabid Troia is - read Team Titans. Also Lian will definitely happen because DC likes to torture the Titans' children - read Wally's Iris and Jai miscarriage by Zoom, Arsenal's Lian death by Prometheus, Tempest's son Cerdian killed by the Spectre and of course Robert's demise.

    3. Isn't it ironic that DC still wants a soft reboot using Rebirth in place of a total reboot backwards. What DC really needs. It would have to ignore the deaths of the Titans children, dozens of others and the bad writing starting with Brad Meltzer, JT Krul up until Flashpoint and undo completely the new 52/DC You stuff. Captain Marvel and Marvel family, Legion, JSA, JLA and Charlton property haven't bounced back yet. Donna and Wally are the perpetual examples of unfair treatment always being the targets of absurdity.

    4. Your guess Anon, most likely given that comics are rinse and repeat. Same old will happen with less violence and deaths one can hope. What makes you think though I haven't read half of the things you point me to because I wouldn't bother with Titans if I wasn't knowledgeable.

      Kiki Mink the stories DC is making now are proof that are pushing these eras out and away doing it silently. A company never takes full responsibility for the failures it has scored just brushes it off like a nuisance and moves on. I must congratulate Geoff Johns and his Rebirth special which was the needed apology letter to a screw-up. In the very long run LOSH, JSA and many old heroes will be reborn but Captain Marvel will be Shazam cause business is business and always comes first.

  2. For the life of me somebody explain why this comic gets cancelled, has been stellar work.

    1. Titans is on hiatus in the wake of No Justice event and will resume. Problem is how much change comes with it.

    2. New Team announced today...Dick, Beast Boy, Natasha Irons, Raven, Miss Martian

  3. As a fan of the Brain and Society of Sin I approve and give it a seven. I can get my hopes up to read about my favorite villains Houngan and Plasmus someday. I prefer Plasmus from the Teen Titans show but beggars can't be choosers.