Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mister Miracle #10 Review and **SPOILERS**

Cashiers Give the Best Advice

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads
Release Date: August 1, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: @dispatchdcu


When we last left Mister Miracle, he was given an offer to end the war once and for all BUT Darkseid wanted Scott’s little “lump” of joy; Jake. Will Scott and Barda give up their only son for peace AND with only 3 issues to go, does Tom King show readers a little more from behind the curtain? Let’s find out!


Tom King opens the story with Scott drinking his troubles away with Ted Kord, Booster Gold, and Skeets. Afterwards, readers see Scott and Barda planning Jake’s First Birthday Party amongst the chaos that is their life. On his drive to get groceries, Scott talks to a New Genesis Oracle to see the future of the war and it appears all will still suffer badly.
Later, we see Scott talking to a random store clerk for advise and the guy talks about a “Life Equation”, which he describes as a way to maximize happiness. At this point, readers can tell that Scott is thinking about giving his son to Darkseid to stop this war.
The next day at a playground, Scott tries to get the “ok” from Barda to give up their son but she decides to rehash Scott’s suicide attempt and makes him look like a $&@!. The issue ends with Scott creating a plan to “pretend” to give Jake to Darkseid and while he attempts to kill his adopted father during the exchange.

A Booster Shot
King and Gerads work well together. We’ve seen it in BATMAN and even throughout MISTER MIRACLE. These two are definitely in sync with each other. I love the sly and subtle humor they drop throughout the issue and they both are actually telling the story. Sometimes, I feel Gerads does a better job “showing” the reader what’s going on than King.

I enjoyed King’s Uber joke by basically comparing a boom tube to an Uber service. However, I felt like the scene was forced in just to tell the joke. Even the explanation as to why it’s working so slowly was a nice touch; but was it needed? King’s nod to Booster and Blue Beetle was a nice touch, however, Booster Gold has been in a ton of DC issues lately. My point is: this would have been a great addition if we haven’t been oversaturated with Booster recently and with more to come.

So, any answers?
Nope! But, King gives readers a throwback to “Batman kills babies” again if that’s what you wanted. To be fair, I don’t know if it’s a hangover from BATMAN #50 or if I’m just tired of the “average joe”  or “heroes are people too” angle. I just want answers to something. I’m getting tired of being strung along. I felt that way in BATMAN #50 and now I can’t tell if my feelings would the same without that issue.

Everyone thought something deep and mind-blowing was going to happen. People have speculated that maybe this is all in Mister Miracle’s head or he’s actually trapped with Granny Goodness. Some readers went so far as to think that’s Scott’s dead from the start of the issue. But honestly, I’m thinking there is NOTHING extra to this story. I’m beginning to think this story doesn’t have any twists or turns. It’s just King telling a story about what Superheroes do on a regular basis.
What I have learned about Tom King since BATMAN #50 is that he likes long, drawn out stories and puts small little nuggets throughout each issue that he “feels” are giving readers clues as to the outcome of the story. But, I don’t see them. Granted, I see them after he gives an interview explaining where they are... but should a writer need to explain their writing when it’s done?

The Art
As always, Gerads art is fantastic. As I stated earlier, I feel he’s doing a better job telling the story than King, especially in this issue. For example, the emotions drawn in the panels of Scott taking a shower as he’s trying to be happy that his son is turning one; painted the mood so vividly. Scott says nothing in those panels. It’s all Gerads!
Readers literally see his pain between choosing his son or millions of people. Any parent knows that choice is unthinkable BUT Gerads does an amazing job at capturing it and putting the reader right there.  Gerads also drops some fun, little, interesting things throughout the pages like drunk bubbles, weird lines that follow Skeets, and Sheriff of Babylon shirts. Nice job as always Gerads!

Should you buy this issue?
I guess. If you like stories that are real, authentic, and help you express emotions about real-life situations, then this book is for you. If you want to hide from what life throws at you in a Superhero romp, then don’t read this.

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Bits and Pieces:

The series is interesting and unique.  But, maybe the problem is our expectations? What if this series was never meant to be an M. Night Shyamalan movie? What if it was just meant to be King’s take on humanity, depression, every man, and the struggles of life all through the vantage point of a DC comic character? If that’s the case, I think this series is spot on! If you’re reading this for some DC mind-shattering event, I just don’t think we’re going to get it.



  1. Before i get any shade here, this is not my review, but DispatchDCU's. You probably already could tell because of how well written it was! I have had the best day since i still havent had to read it! I will have to for our patreon review pidcast on thursday unfortunately!

  2. This book doesn't deserve to be a book.
    King as always proves that doesn't write characters in character, that he's long winded, and that he doesn't know how to write anything Fun or Epic. A story with new gods and instead of some much deserved action we get a fucking marital argument. Watch people rate this shit 10/10's and king get more praise, and with that praise the give him other characters and books to fuck up. Jim you better come through for the get fresh crew.