Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Red Hood and the Outlaws #27 Review

Saying Goodbye

Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Pete Woods, ALW's Troy Peteri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 10, 2018

We had it in the last issue of Green Arrow and now it's time to have it in what is now called Red Hood: Outlaw, but I'm still going by the original name so that review sites don't overlook it....... and that thing is dealing with the death of Roy Harper.  This is the issue I've been afraid of because what is Jason going to do when he finds out his best friend has been murdered and worse.......the killer is still out there.  Let's jump into this issue of Red Hood and see what Jason's reaction will be.  Let's check it out.

Alright, he took that a whole lot better than I thought he would.  That's right, no man hunt, no beating up Bruce Wayne, just Jason Todd continuing to go after the Underlife like Roy asked him to do.  It's weird because while this issue doesn't do much besides for give Jason a fight, a talk with Bruce, who lays out what happened to him and then has Jason move on to what he's going to do in the next issue, this somehow had more feeling in my mind than Oliver's reaction during Roy's funeral.  

It's the damnedest thing.  I'm telling ya, Jason and Bruce sitting down and talking about Roy's death had me a bit upset and then I was torn because it seemed that Jason didn't have the reaction I thought he would by going berserk, but somehow through that I felt even worse because I expected Jason to revert back to what he was completely and instead we had a very cool, calm and collective character that has grown so much that I actually got happy with Jason's reaction and even smiled a sad smile when he even called Roy's phone up to leave him a message because in their line of work, people are always coming back.  It was a bit of optimism that I didn't see coming and while all of this emotional bits were seriously short lived in this issue just to get us some fighting and then Jason just moving from town to town, this little bit worked so well that I'm going to give this a higher score than it deserves for what we got because it got me to elicit an emotion.

With that though, I love the art in this issue and I downright respect Jason's reaction to Bruce's news, not to mention the two kind of making up in a way that just feels like the way Red Hood and Batman should.  Was this an amazing issue?.......... No, but when it needed to bring the feels it did, even if they were really short lived.

Bits and Pieces:

Jason Todd has grown so much and even though it feels like he's reverted back to a previous form lately, this issue really shows how much he's progressed in the last decade and makes me really love the character more than I thought I could.  With that though, there isn't much to this issue, which is a shame because it spent so much time doing so little, while not giving us the parts that really packed a punch..... and really, that may be the point of the issue in dealing with Roy's death, but like most things in life, I could have dealt with a little more here.



  1. jason never was one to show his anger or emotions real quick it manifest over time than watch out when he cracks

  2. I think Lobdell handles The Death as best he can in this issue, but the only reason Jason is not going after the Murderer is the Same reason Oliver and Donna Troy aren't. It's the Tom King Mandate holding back Jason. Since he is not part of the Heroes in Crisis story, they won't let get vengeance for Roy. It's bullshit, but there's nothing Lobdell can do about it. But Lobdell handles it like a champ and let's you see that it does hurt Jason. I think Anonymous above is right, this shit is going to build up, Roy death, when he finds out what happened to Dick, Not know where Artemis and Bizzaro are, and when Jason gets the full story of what happened to his father who might be part of underlife. Jason is going to pop. He just needs one more push. That might also happen in the Teen Titans book now that we know Jason is Damians secret mentor mentor. This issue was great, gave me the feels and moved the Story along just enough, art Okay but I still miss Dexter Soy. I agree with Eric's score.