Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Harley Quinn #54 Review

Snooze Tube

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: November 21, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

I am taking over Harley Quinn from Reggie because...well, he has had enough!  Yep, he's given up on the book and so it comes back to me.  I am the biggest Harley Quinn fan in the Weird Science playpen, but is that just a case of the tallest piece of cheese in the flea market?  Probably, but here we go with this week's issue...

Sam Humphries continues his story with Harley trying to be a Youtube star while Minor Disater tries to get her daddy's attention.  The problem up until now is that neither story has been funny, interesting, touching or...anything really.  Since Harley came back from Apokolips, this book has been a disaster of missed opportunities and that continues this issue.

Let's start with Harley.  This whole Youtube thing came out of the blue and instantly she had a ton of followers for doing nothing.  Throughout this issue, I can't tell if Humphries is trying to skewer internet celebrity, make a joke of those who sit and watch videos all day, both or neither.  It's the story that goes nowhere slow and really, it could have easily been so much better.

I know this is a review, but this is my bit of quick script doctoring.  Why not have Harley hear about making money on Youtube, but when she tries it herself, she is the most boring person on the internet?  The idea that wacky Harley Quinn is boring would drive her nuts and then have her in an arms race of wackier and wackier stunts trying to impress viewers that just aren't that impressed.  Harley Quinn meets Jackass with the scatapult?  I am so in!!!  Add in Minor Disaster's Disaster Dial causing some hilarious (and unintended) situations and I'm sure it could lead to a couple of chuckles.  Oh well, I am not a writer at DC so what do I know?!? 

We do get a bit more of Minor Disaster and her part isn't a total...well, disaster.  There are a bit of feels when we see her awful father treat her like shit and even Harley gets to feeling sorry for her.  That is kind of left in the dust as a mad MD causes more than a minor disaster that is saved by another not so minor disaster and the issue wraps itself up in a non-ending that sets up a cliffhanger we've already seen in this series.  Really, the idea of Harley's family visiting is so played out and is even more ridiculous considering her Mother has been with her for a bunch of issues now!

Sam Humphries has sucked all the life out of this book and has turned a character that is based on personality into a generic nothing.  Besides the art by Lucas Werneck (which is great) there is no reason whatsoever to buy this book.  It's not funny at all and doesn't even tell a good story.  Harley fans do not deserve this punishment.

Bits and Pieces:

I don't know what Sam Humphries wants this book to be but it is just unfunny and boring.  Harley seems lost in her own book and no character, whether old or new has enough personality to make anything here worth reading.  I am a Harley fan.  I am not a fan of this book.


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