Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Justice League #13 Review

Not on His Watch

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Guillem March
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: December 5, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

It's another Legion of Doom issue and coming off of the whole Drowned Earth crossover, I was actually hoping for a standard Justice League story with Scott Snyder at the helm.  I guess I'll have to get what I get and not get upset!  So, even if it's not what I wanted, was it any good?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with the Joker getting ready for another parade (this guy loves parades!) when Lex interrupts him to offer him his Legion of Doom pitch.  Yep, it's a flashback beginning and it's really good with Tynion nailing the dialogue of both baddies while also setting up the rules...the main one which Lex breaks in the turn of a page.

That's when we get a recap of Lex and the Batman Who Laugh's deal and it feels like it's here to remind readers of the upcoming book starring the Dark Multiverse villain, but that's okay since we have had some time between appearances in this book as well.

After seeing Lex mess a bit with the Totality, Tynion has some fun with a plethora of bad guys and gals meeting up to join in on this whole Legion of Doom thing.  The OGs aren't so happy to expand the roster, however, but none are angrier than the Joker!  When the Joker was first announced to be part of the Legion, it felt odd since he never plays well with others.  I'll give Tynion credit because he shows just that in this issue!

After showing that Lex is pretty resourceful and badass, it's back to the Joker and crazy definitely wins here.  Joker shows that he has a little Batman in him and was working on a crazy plan to win the day (for himself of course), but Lex ruined it all.  

The issue ends with the Joker telling Lex he will have to reap what he sows, the Legion of Doom licking its wounds after their failed pledge drive and a cliffhanger that is pretty damn awesome and makes me very excited to see what happens next.

I liked this issue a whole lot.  Sure, I wanted more of the Justice League and some more overall progression, but Tynion nailed the villain side of things and the cliffhanger was a shocker.  It was nice to see the bad guys down for the count for a change, but also cool to see that Lex will never admit any kind of defeat.  I really liked Guillem March's art here and this issue got me back on board with this series after losing me a bit during Drowned Earth.

Bits and Pieces:

It's back to the bad guys' point of view and while it's not all hunky dory with the Legion of Doom, it made for some fun reading.  The art and story were both impressive and this issue has me back on the Justice League trolley!


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  1. Everyone says with prep batman can beat anyone well same goes for the joker love how Lex always thinks he is the smartest and the joker is a rabid dog in need of training but this shows just how smart Joker is and in a weird way how he is actually less of a monster then Lex is