Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Justice League #14 Review

What a Dump!

Writer: James Tynion IVArtist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: December 19, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Let's take a trip to "Hawkworld" in part one of a new Totality-related storyline! Martian Manhunter, John Stewart and Hawkgirl avoided "Drowned Earth" with a detour to Thanagar-Prime: J'onn looks to tap into the ancient Martian mental database, GL struggles while practicing his new UV powers, and Kendra searches for answers about her connection to the Totality.

The issue opens with Batman trying to get some information from Starman.  Well, he may be overdoing it a bit and Superman and Wonder Woman stop him (and Jarro!) before Bats goes too far.  It's a good reminder that Lex Luthor has the Totality and as Lex bragged at the end of the last does seem as if the Legion of Doom is winning.

It's off to Thanagar Prime and we get a bit of an explanation of why it's been hidden and reminded that Martian Manhunter was there during Metal.  While J'onn, John Stewart and Kendra were not welcomed with open arms, a fight was avoided when Shayera Hol showed up.  Unfortunately, she came bearing bad news...the ancient Martian they came for is dead.  Oh Snap!

James Tynion continues by again reminding us of things...John's Tatoo Ring, Kendra's Wings, the dying Multiverse.  I like getting some recap, but things don't seem to line up 100% to what we knew before.  While everyone is there for answers, it doesn't look like they are all coming as soon as they would like.

While they decide to stay the night before leaving, Kendra brings up an important point...she and Shayera should be one and the same.  What gives?!?  The three attend the Great Thanagarian Festival and we do find out info about Miss Martian (but it seems like we were supposed to know that already) before Kendra and Shayera get to know each other a little bit more.

It seems that Kendra learns a few hidden secrets including one that is very important to Martian Manhunter.  The issue ends with the three Justice Leaguers trying to uncover some dark secrets of Thanagar Prime and being attacked by a very cool character that I can't wait to see more of.

While I have been enjoying this book, this issue was a downer.  There is a lot of info dumping and while some of it is presented as recap, it felt new to me.  That and the fact that a lot of the most important bits were found out in mysterious ways left me more confused than satisfied while I read it.  I did like the cliffhanger, though, and am looking forward to the next issue, but this issue was boring and that's something this book hasn't been before.

I like Jim Cheung's art in this issue.  His character models looked great and while most of the issue was people standing around talking, it still looked great.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue puts the breaks on the story by dumping information at the reader and while some of it was needed, some of it just gummed up the works.  The art and cliffhanger were great, but the story leading up to it was not.


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