Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #6 Review

He- Zam

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Andrew Dollhouse
DC Comics
Release Date: January 2, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Another round of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe crossovers comes to a close this month and for me personally, it was certainly a heck of a lot of fun while it lasted. While I'm not quite sure how DC comes across choosing what to crossover with the He-Man property, I'm here asking for more after this, because I find them to be a blast. So "let's discuss" the latest issue of Injustice vs MoftU and find out how this all concluded.

Events this issue resume with the battle raging outside Castle Grayskull, with Mantis bringing the pain to Cyborg and company, which ends up requiring a little Batman and Man-At-Arms team up to resolve. If I had one minor complaint about this series character choices as a whole it would be that the deeper cuts into the New Gods roster leave me wondering at times who the heck some characters are. Although a few quick Wiki searches have taught me a thing or two throughout the series, the connection isn't as strong as it was at times in the ThunderCats crossover for example, when I could point out all the side characters fighting, which is really all I'm saying. Not something I dock the series for and if you're more of a New Gods fan I'm positive you dig it.

From there we join a de-powered He-Man, now in his Prince Adam form, facing off against Superman who has Darkseid's Soul Syphon, the Spirit of Grayskull, and the Anti-Life Equation. Not exactly a fight Adam can slug his way out of.  Surprisingly this bloodthirsty Superman's first step is to ask for Adam's help in controlling the Nexus of Realities they find themselves in, which after some coaxing, and the sympathy card from Superman, Adam does help with. However, this newfound friendship doesn't last long but leads to a few nice surprises that get He-Man out of a hot spot.

The major downside to all the fun I was having throughout this issue is that I feel like the resolutions all come a bit too fast and furious for my liking, although the book and creative team earn a few of those brownie points back at the end, with the title taking some time to set up an interesting future. I also am curious of this titles implications on the Injustice Universe as a whole, so there are still some question marks left to answer once again in this He-Man mini, and you know I will certainly be back on board for that if they decide to do so.

Overall, if you liked the previous issues of this series you going to get a bunch more of what you came back for, albeit at a bit of an accelerated and jumbled pace, in an effort reach a satisfying ending in the mini-series. I think as a whole for the sheer number of ideas crammed into this mini, one more issue may have been necessary to more neatly tie everything up that was needed in the last two issues. However all together, especially with Freddie Williams and his normal Motley Crew on art, this series remains something I strongly recommend to any He-Man or Injustice fanboy or girl.

Bits and Pieces

Although the ending feels like it all comes a bit abruptly, wrapping everything up but in a messy way, the series as a whole I still had a lot of fun with. With an ending hinting at a possible future, I'm very excited about the possibilities to come. These creators all look like they had a blast doing this and it shows on the pages and those are the comics I want to read ... more, please. 


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  1. Very much enjoyed the series, but you nailed it on how rushed this issue felt. It wasn't like they dragged their feet through the first 5 issues, so maybe they just needed another few issues to tell their story.