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Green Arrow #85 (1994) Review

"Chaos Theory" or "Male Bonding by Murder"

Writer: Alan Grant
Artists: Jim Aparo, Gerry Fernandez, Gina Ging, John Costanza
Cover Price: $1.75
Release Date: February 1st, 1994

Review by Joey Casco of

All Oliver Queen wanted to do in Green Arrow #84 was gamble and drink in Las Vegas, but his flight was hijacked and his eye was injured while he fought back. Since then, his eyepatch has led those who are trying to kill Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, to him.

In a case of mistaken identity, Ollie was attacked in a restaurant and lost his bow. Then he went to the worst hotel he could go to in the city, as the clerk thought he was Slade and let him in to his room, and he was immediately met with assassins trying to murder him. So he murdered them instead, using Slade's bountiful armory. At the end of the issue the two meet, but how will they work with each other to get out of this situation?

The assassins keep coming and Slade tells Ollie that he always has six outs for any situation but now he's down to one: jumping out of the thirteenth floor window into the pool below. As they drop down Ollie mentions that he saw the pool being drained earlier, giving Slade a little scare. But Ollie just wanted him to poop his pants a little.

The start getting shot at from above so they try to make their escape with a nearby plumbing truck, but a grenade lands on it and it explodes! More of these pesky guys come out of nowhere so Slade keeps mowing them down.

They find a van and speed off, with Slade hanging out the door shooting back.

Once they've lost them, they realize there were passengers in the back of the van the whole time! Ollie apologizes and lets the people know they're good guys. Then they get out of the van and start walking to Dan's Car & Bike... but they're still being followed.


They go to Slade's own personal hangar at a private airport, and Ollie agrees to help him finish this thing. So they get into their gear and pay a helicopter pilot five grand to take them to the Sodom and Gomorrah Hotel, owned by Sly Chiarello.

And meanwhile, at the Sodom and Gomorrah Hotel, Sly is having a little fun with Ollie's bow.

And now our heroes have arrived to kick some ass!

Sly runs away so they chase him through the casino part of the hotel while taking out his cronies. Then they find him hiding in his office.

And here is when Ollie turns into a jerk.

He takes money from Slade's contract, which Slade was going to give to the Salvation Army, bets it all on roulette, and walks away before it stops spinning.

Slade tells him "You know Green Arrow -- you're not stupid --"

I don't know what that was all about. It was weird.

And you know what Ollie does with his winnings? He gets a fancy car and drives off into the sunrise.

Bits and Pieces

This issue was a lot of fun and pretty brutal. They left a lot of bodies everywhere, man. Even with the weird ending and Ollie's jerk move with charity money, I really enjoyed it a hell of a lot.


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