Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Detective Comics #1006 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Kyle Hotz, David Baron, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 26, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

The issue starts off with Detective James Corrigan and his partner Tony Martinez sitting in a diner. Jim is drinking coffee while Tony stuffs his face with a sandwich (Tony even mentions that he never sees Jim eat anything). Then they get a report of shots fired and head to the scene. In an alleyway they find a corpse of a man on his knees with his head up against the brick wall, shot in the head execution style.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a group of Spectres pops up and starts pointing and screaming at Jim; "THE HOST MUST DIE! LONG LIVE THE HOST!" Everybody pulls out guns, including the Spectres, and one of them ends up shooting Tony and killing him. And that's when the REAL Spectre comes right on out of Jim to pump the Spectre-wannabe murderer full of magic bullets until he's tomato soup all over the wall. While the real Spectre was busy getting all murdery, the gang of Spectres grab Jim and disappear. Spectre is unable to sense his presence.

Then we're taken to the First National Trust where a group of burglars are about to break in, but of course Batman shows up. He's takes them down swiftly and soundly, and it's pretty awesome. Then Alfred informs him of the report of shots fired over the police radio, so starts to make his way to the alley. 

In a super-cool two page scene, it alternates panels between Batman leaping over rooftops and a huuuuuuge Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man sized Spectre walking the streets of Gotham. I loved this. When they finally meet, Spectre tells Batman that he's "come for him". Well, Batman knows that isn't a good thing so he throws some flash bombs at him and tries to escape. But Spectre grabs him, shrinks down to human size, and explains to him that Corrigan is missing and he needs the world's greatest detective to help. 

Spectre takes Batman to the scene of the murders. Gordon and the GCPD are there investigating, but Spectre has made it so nobody can see him and Batman. Batman starts checking it out, and then when he sees the mess that Spectre made of one of the Spectre wannabes, he gets pissed and starts ranting about the difference between justice and slaughter. They go back and forth, and Batman says he'll solve the case without resorting to extreme bloodshed. Then Spectre leaves, which also makes Batman visible. Gordon welcomes him, and Batman gathers evidence to check out back at the Batcave.

Then the issue ends with that group of Spectres looking real cultish as they stand over an unconscious Corrigan with candles, chanting "THE HOST MUST DIE. LONG LIVE THE HOST."

Bits and Pieces

I really loved everything about this issue. The crime scene was eerie, Spectre taking on a gang of Spectre wannabes was great, then Spectre walking through Gotham like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was intense, Batman's attitude towards the Spectre was perfect, his fight with the burglars was pretty awesome, and the art is PHENOMENAL and fit the tone of the story perfectly. Again Tomasi starts off an arc with a home run. I hope he keeps this one going! But, honestly, I'm cautious because he seems to have an obsession with cultish organizations in his Detective run so far.


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