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More Fun Comics #78 (1942) Review

Writers: Jerry Siegel, Gardner Fox, Mort eisinger, Joe Samachson, Manly Wellman
Pencilers: George Papp, Cliff Young, Bernard Baily, Howard Sherman, Paul Norris, Mort Meskin
Inkers: See Pencilers
Cover Price: 10¢
Release Date: April 1st, 1942

This issue of More Fun Comics really shows what was so great about classic comics from way back in the day. There's a pirate ship going around with its crew robbing and murdering all over the place and the cops can't seem to catch up with them. But a grown ass man and a child dressed up like Robin Hood stop them using a futuristic speed boat. Then a magic man named Doctor Fate takes on criminals pretending to be wax statues. There's plot holes, there's ridiculousness, and it's all just so good that the faults we would hold against today's comics don't even matter.

The swashbuckling buccaneers of history would have itched with envy, seeing the terrible efficiency of Cap'n Kilgore. Twentieth century harbor-rider... as heartless a water rat as ever trod a streamlined deck or blasted a steel ship to Davy Jones' locker! Yet, with the deadliest of modern weapons at his command, the master criminal shrinks from the twanging bows and whistling shafts of the Green Arrow and Speedy as those archers of all time embark upon the perilous adventures which make up this tale of... "THE BLACK RAIDER!"

We start off with Cap'n Kilgore letting his crew know they're about to pull of two raids that will net them a total of one million dollars. Everybody gets excited except poor Johnny James who had ran away from home to join the crew of the Jolly Rodger. But he didn't know he'd be joining a group of murderers, so he steps up and says something.

Back in the apartment of Oliver Queen and Roy Harper, AKA Green Arrow and Speedy, they decide that something must be done about the raiders. I mean, it's about time. They're vigilantes, these pirates have been going around killing people and taking money, and now they're finally just like "Hey maybe we should stop them, right?".

So they get in their gear and take the Arrowcraft out to sea. But the first raid is already underway!

Oh shit! They blew a hole in the tunnel under the harbor! That dude is NOT going home to the wife and kids.

That's actually kind of brilliant.

The Arrowcraft catches up with the Jolly Roger and Green Arrow uses a catapult to launch himself onto the ship.

Well that didn't last long. And where the hell are we? There's a ship graveyard???

Speedy picks Green Arrow up and he gets back into action. But he tells Speedy again that he has to stay on the boat.

He goes from boat to boat until he gets on the Jolly Roger... and meets poor Johnny James.

But they get him again! Green Arrow sucks at this!

Once he's at the bottom, he shoots an arrow to the bottom of the ship and starts pulling himself up. The crew sees him so they bring back on board and stick him in a cabin of one of the wrecked ships while they go off to raid the "Southern Crescent".

Still with his feet in cement, he grabs a rope, a board from the wall, and a chair leg to make himself a bow and arrow.

Speedy sees it and speeds toward the ship in the Arrowcraft. He quickly takes out the guards left behind and frees Green Arrow from the cement.

Meanwhile, the "Southern Crescent" is being boarded by Cap'n Kilgore and his men. But it doesn't take long for the Arrowcraft to catch up.

Pissed that they're getting their asses kicked, the "Jolly Roger" fires a torpedo at the "Southern Crescent"... WITH LITTLE JOHNNY JAMES ATTACHED!

Uuuuuhhh... did he just intercept a friggin' torpedo?

LMAO, that's ridiculously awesome. So the "Jolly Roger" goes down and the Green Arrow and Speedy have saved the day! The End!

Bit and Pieces

Green Arrow sucks at fighting bad guys here, but he doesn't give up so you gotta give them that! The shorter Doctor Fate story that follows the Green Arrow story is even more zany and ends even more ridiculously, but both stories are fun and full of good laughs and head scratching moments. Also, the art was much better than I was expecting!

If you're looking for a good comic from the golden age, this is worth the read.


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