Friday, November 1, 2019

Deadshot #4 (1988) Review

HOMECOMING (or "Astride a Grave")

Writers:  Kim Yale and John Ostrander
Artist: Luke McDonnell
Colorist: Julianna Ferriter
Letterer: Tim Harkins
Editor: Robert Greenberger
Release Date: December 7th, 1988
Cover Price: $1.00

Review written by Joey Casco of

To catch up on what's going on in this four issue mini-series, check out the Deadshot 1988 miniseries label.

Floyd Lawton (AKA Deadshot) has been going around killing everybody and trying to save his kidnapped son, who also died at the end of the last issue. Now he's going after the person who started it all... his own mother. Meanwhile Marnie Herr, his therapist from Belle Reve Penitentiary, has been going around Floyd's hometown to learn more about his story and what actually happened to his brother.

And the final issue in this mini-series starts with Marnie sneaking into the home Genevieve Pitt Lawton, Floyd's mother.

Marnie does a little fast talking and blackmailing, and they end up sitting down and having some tea and talking.

Remember the guy that Floyd shot on his hands? That's Schales, the guy being pushed onto the ground. The other guy is Andy, one of his associates. Floyd went to Andy as Deadshot and told him to get Schales out of the hospital early and bring the guy to him so that he could kill him, but Andy is afraid Deadshot is going to kill him too so he just takes are of it himself.

But Deadshot is watching.

While Marnie and Genevieve are talking about Floyd's dead brother, Deadshot shows up.

It was his own mom all along, trying to blackmail Floyd into killing his dad! And this isn't the first time she's tried to have the old man killed...

WHAAAAAT??? Floyd tells Marnie what really happened to his brother. He also contemplates killing his mom, but Marnie tells him that is exactly what she wants. His death wish and streak of fatalism comes from her.

So he shoots her.

But not fatally. He wants her to live and suffer. While Genevieve lays on the floor in pain, Marnie threatens her with jail time for the death of her grandson if she says anything about Floyd to the police.

Back in Belle Reve, Marnie wants to start sessions with Floyd again but he's refusing. He tells her that her problem is that she "thinks people can be cured, be made healthy., be made normal.. be saved."

She asks if he really hates himself that much and he's got a great answer:
"Let me tell you something about me. Life is the most valuable thing we have, right? When you take a life that should mean something, right? When I killed my brother, I felt nothing. No guilt. No remorse -- nothing. And he was the one person in this world that I ever gave two damns about. They lied to me -- about the importance of life. The only life anybody really cares about is their own and I don't even care about that. You understand? I'm just killing time, waiting to die."

LOL! "You think facts explain things!" 

Woah, calm down there, buddy!

He am's what he am that's all that he ams. He eats all his spinach and he fights to the finish.

Bits and Pieces

This was a great finish to an excellent miniseries. There's less killing in this issue but more intense moments as everything comes to a head. We learn a lot about Floyd's problems and why he is the way he is, and the conversation between him and Marnie at the end was great. Speaking of Marnie, she really steps it up in this issue and what she's been doing this whole time really paid off. I highly suggest that you go ahead and read this miniseries (it's on DC Universe). You won't regret it.


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