Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Justice League Odyssey #15 Review


Writer: Dan Abnett
Art: Will Conrad
Colors: Rain Beredo, Pete Pantazis
Letters: Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 13th, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

With Orion being unmasked in the last issue, the giant block that was transported to the ship with Jessica Cruz has taken form into an Eskaton in order to kill him. Eskatons are the harbingers of the end times for the Fourth World. When the time comes for the Fourth World to die, the Eskaton wake up and consume the New Gods. Whelp, that time has come.

And this thing looks awesome! Huge and scary! Jessica tries to fight it off with her new Omega powers but, it being an Eskaton, is immune to Omega beams! A big chunk of this issue is Jessica and Hax trying to get away, and Orion letting Blackfire know that this was all her fault.

Jess gets knocked out twice, and the second time she sees the message that Cyborg left for her on her ring, but the ending is different. It's now the New God Cyborg telling her that he's completely under Darkseid's control now, but he found a little piece of himself to send this message to warn her. He says he's sorry but they're coming for her, and to fight them.

When Jess wakes up, they're still fighting the Eskaton. But Dex-Starr has had enough so he starts to negotiate. This was a great scene. A little cat negotiating with this huge monster. They work out a deal: help them get Darkseid and then you can eat Orion. Of course, Orion doesn't like that, but hey, he can worry about that when the time comes. With a deal in place, the Eskaton goes back to being a block.

Even though the ship is wrecked and they're adrift in space, this new team has an Eskaton on their side. And yes, Darkseid is coming.

Bits and Pieces

You know what? I thoroughly enjoyed this issue! It was action-packed, made good use of the team members, the art is great, and that Eskaton is totally badass. The friendship and comradery that they're starting to build here feels genuine and is exactly what was missing from the old team. This book can't seem to stay consistent (I gave it a 3 last month) but if we can get more of this then I'd be very happy.


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