Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Catwoman #19 Review

What's in Your Head

Writer: Joelle Jones
Artist: Geraldo Borges, Aneke, Inaki Miranda, FCO Plascencia, John Kalisz, Laura Allred, and Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 8, 2020

I need some overall progression in this story and I really hope it shows up here.  Maybe some look at Raina Creel as a great big bad, but over a year and a half of her is way too much!  So, does Joelle Jones and her big band of artists get things moving towards an end game here?  Let's find out...

We open the issue with the zombie attack that seemed to be happening at the end of the last issue.  Guess what?  It is and it looks horrific!  While Selina is on her way, Carlos makes sure Maggie is okay and then goes all motocross ninja on the undead!  

We do get a bit of Selina here, but she seems more concerned with being a rooftop philosopher than anything else...until she sees the zombies are attacking the pawnshop and kicks it into high gear.  The interaction between Selina and Carlos plays off well here as they sever limbs and loop off heads while arguing with each other.  

Then, just when it looked like the threat was over, the unthinkable happens and if there is anything that will make Selina leave Villa Hermosa, this may be it.  It certainly isn't making her Miss Popularity here and while she is sorry for what went down, there's not much she can do.

We then end the issue at the Creel Mansion with Raina trying to get her evil overlord video monitors to work as she monologues about being a (missing) nose ahead of the competition and pretty much everyone else as well.  We get to see that monstrosity Adam and then the issue just ends.  I really thought we were going to shift back to Selina, but we get a veiled threat from Raina and off we go.

I was worried about the number of artists on this issue, but while it looked different than regular readers will be used to, it still looked good enough for me not to complain too much.  Yes, I'd love Jones herself to be on every single issue, but it's obvious that it is just not going to happen.  I said earlier that I needed some story progression and sadly, that isn't happening either.  Sure, there was a huge moment in the issue, but there were also the same extended scenes with little to no bearing on the overall story and because of that, it felt like getting the door slammed in your face at the end.

Bits and Pieces:

While there is a huge moment in this issue and even some good, smaller ones between Carlos and Selina, this book continues to be stuck in neutral.  I really hope that we get something past the Raina Creel story and it's not just being padded out until the book ends.  


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