Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Young Justice #13 Review

"Kryptotracheon Energy Surge"

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis, David Walker
Art By: Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Grell, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb, Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 5, 2020

It's time to see the Young Justice take down Dr. Glory and her corruption of STAR Labs..... since that's what it seemed like we were going to do at the end of last issue, where Miguel and Summer from Dial H For Hero, the Wonder Twins and Naomi decided to join our young heroes in their quest.  Too bad that Superboy found himself in Skartaris after Dr. Glory teleported him away so I guess we're going to have to wait to learn more about where this Conner Kent has been and how anybody in Young Justice remembers their time together.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Brian Michael Bendis can move this story forward in a worthwhile manner.  Let's check it out.

Nope!  Yeah, it seems like we're right where we left off in the previous issue, only now it seems like our heroes gathering together to go after STAR Labs has been put on hold so that they can stand around and come up with a better plan in how they're going to take Dr. Glory down, but by the end of this issue they really just go where a "Kryptotracheon Energy Surge" has been detected and it lines up with where Superboy says he was originally sent away by Dr. Glory to Gemworld...... Too bad that they say it's coming from New Mexico and then Wonder Girl yells that they should go to Nevada....... Yeah, I don't know what's going on with this story.

In the background we have Superboy feeling sorry for himself in Skartaris, where Warlord and him pass the time by talking about how Warlord got to Skartaris and what he's been doing ever since..... because that's what we needed out of this series..... a Warlord origin story.  By the end though it seems like the big twist, which I hate to spoil here but I want to throw it out there because it's only a wow moment that really doesn't make sense or matter, we've got Spoiler, Jackson Hyde, Arrowette and Sideways waiting to join the rest of the team, while they declare that they're the real Young Justice.  Like I said, "wow" moment that doesn't really make much sense.

All in all, the majority of the art is great this issue as it always is, but the present day stuff on Skartaris is really underwhelming and just isn't great to look at.  Thankfully though, we have Mike Grell come in and draw the origin story for Warlord, which is amazing, even if I wasn't a fan of the inclusion of this story and we have John Timms being is usual awesome self taking up the rest of the book when dealing with our Young Justice team.  Art aside though..... this story is garbage because it does literally nothing to progress us further than where we were last issue and even seems to backtrack to do it all over again here, where a signal is coming from New Mexico, but for some reason our team is going to Nevada because of it.  So yeah, nothing here really and the stuff with Superboy and Warlord didn't do anything for me either because it's essentially Warlord just telling Conner to stop feeling sorry for himself.

Bits and Pieces:

I don't know if I'm a sucker for thinking that we'll eventually get something of substance out of this book because each month I go in and think that maybe, maybe this is the time that we'll have some answers to something that would make this book make sense, but like usual, this issue is just filler, that essentially just rehashes last issue, gives a origin for Warlord and ends in a should be "wow" moment, that doesn't make any sense.  The art is a mixed bag here too with the amount of artists we have, but two-thirds aren't bad and I guess that's something.



  1. Ugh. Curse you, Bendis! So now I assume next issue we'll have something happen to the Team on their way to New Mexico (I'm assuming the Nevada thing was a typo.) Which will take up one or two issues one of which will end in them reaching S.T.A.R. Labs and they'll eventually make it to Skartaris in the "finale" of this arc then they'll spend six more issues trying to get back then they'll FINALLY get to helping Spoiler with whatever she has been dealing with but not before spending AT LEAST one full issue telling her origin...
    So did I nail it or did I nail it?


  2. For like 3 bucks, anyone can buy a physical or digital copy of Warlord 1 with original art and story from the man himself - Mike Grell. What's it doing in a Young Justice book alongside Oeming's blocky art? I read issue 1 of this series, realized it didn't make sense, and haven't looked back.

    1. we learn more about Warlord in this issue than most of the team in 12! it is just ridiclous!!! And Oeming's art just doesn't fit