Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Batman/Superman #8 Review

Bottled Up Feelings

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Nick Derington
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 25, 2020

I was so mad when Brian Michael Bendis destroyed the Bottled City of Kandor for a couple of cheap "For Kandor" moments I was all for Joshua Williamson bringing it back.  Yea, it's been a bumpy ride full of forced moments and yet another League, but the last issue's cliffhanger made me chuckle, even if it didn't mean too.  So, how is this month's issue?  Let's find out...

Joshua Williamson bookends his story with a little father/son lesson on Kandor, and by the end, you realize that Zod is a hands-on kind of teacher.  The main story continues with the tiny Kandorians coming out of the Lazarus Pit out of their tiny minds.  It is a usual effect of the Pit and one that Zod did seem to count on...kind of.  It still takes Batman, Superman and Ra's to keep things in check and while there is some action to be had, this one also has some moral questions to it.

Zod is mad at Superman for not trying to resurrect Kandor while Superman is angry at Zod for doing it this way.  While this is going on, Ra's is throwing red sun grenades, and Batman is just skulking around in the shadows.

One of my biggest problems with the last issue is Batman and Superman's minor roles in their book, but at least Superman gets to step up this month.  He pleads with Zod and the Kandorians and then goes off to save the few citizens he can by the end.  Batman is left to watch Zod and Ra's work through their frustrations with each other before going to do their own thing.   We do get a good bit with Batman showing Zod he knows how he feels, which does save Ra's life in the end.

So, what do we get from this story arc?  Zod resurrected Kandor, but it's split in two...ripe to fight each other eventually.  Zod and Superman's treaty is back in play, and Lor-Zod gets some hands-on training for his history lessons on Jekuul.  I did think we would get Kandor out of the bottle, but I guess that wasn't in the cards.  Not exactly a classic, but better than some of the stuff we are getting nowadays.  A ringing endorsement, huh?  

I did like the art a lot more than I did the last issue.  Maybe it just took me a bit of time to get used to Nick Derrington's style.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman/Superman #8 was an okay ending to an okay arc.  It could have been bigger, but we got Kandor back in a way that could lead to an interesting story down the line, and everything else necessary reset to where it should be.  



  1. At least it wrapped up in two issues instead of dragging it out for six months to a year.
    And there's a pretty obvious solution here for Superman helping the Kandorians in stasis. Just leave them unconscious in the bottle or under a red sun to keep them powerless until the insanity wears off. Problem solved.

    1. It does reset everything back to how it should be