Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Detective Comics #1022 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Brad Walker
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 2nd, 2020

Man, it seems like forever since the last issue of Detective. March 25th feels like a loooong time ago, right? I'm so glad the books are back and now I just want my comic shop to open up again! Meh, I'll catch up on the ones I collect through Midtown BUT I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, DARN IT!

Alright... let's get back to Two Face and his cult. I didn't like the last issue at all, but this one is a different story. And man, the art is FANTASTIC.

The issue starts with Two Face monologuing to Batman. Apparently he's been having these sudden moments where he gets out of control and can barely remember what happened. If you remember in the last issue, we saw that when the bullet in his brain would start hurting. After he's done with his little speech, we see that Batman is being held over a bit vat of burning acid, and he's sideways because Two-Face is going to dip him in so he's have scarred just like him.

Batsy isn't having any of that and is able to cut himself free, fall into the tank, pull himself out, and just become a complete badass menace. It's so friggin awesome. As he comes out, he shoots spikes from his gloves through the tank and the acid just starts pouring out. Two Face has his cult members lift him up to the higher level of the room and leaves them to burn. But Batman saves them by using a gun that shoots a rope on both sides and sticks into walls (not a grappling gun, I'm not sure what to call it) so they can lift themselves up and get away from the acid. And then he escapes.

Before this incident, while Two Face was rambling, he sent his right hand man out to "do no good" and we see him and another goon setting up a bomb to blow up the new wing of the children's hospital that's being built. Their flashlights wake up some kids in the other wing and they watch them through the window. When the goons gets concerned that they're going to hurt the kids, the other guy kicks him off the building. But Batman grabs him as he falls and legit throws him at the other goon. It's hilarious. Then he turns around and waves to the kids with a smile, and they hold up pictures that they drew of him and the Batlogo.

Batman takes Two Face's right hand man and interrogates him in the Batmobile. So we find out that him and another homeless guy found Two Face's body after he tried to kill himself. They decided to stay there and nurse Two Face back to health. But randomly one day the Joker shows up! And this flashback is during the time of New 52 so he's got the whole wearing-his-own-face-as-a-mask thing going on. And it's great! He looks so evil and Tomasi's voice for the guy is just perfect. The language and the jokes. Creepy and fun!

It turns out that those moments that Two Face is now having where he loses control was all the Joker's doing. While Two Face was recovering and pretty much paralyzed, he had Hugo Strange put a device in his brain that would make the bullet "jump when we say jump", and he used Mad Hatter to put something else in there that would make it so he'd forget. Two Face has been a pawn by the Joker this whole time. And at the end of the issue, we get Joker in the present, skin actually attached to his face and not wearing it as a mask, finding another pawn to use.

Bits and Pieces

I loved it! The art is just incredible, and the way the art is shown and the story is told through the paneling is great. Batman pulling himself out of a vat of acid and just being a menace and a badass made me want to cheer out loud, but I'd get a weird look from my wife. There's a quick part with kids at a children's hospital that was a nice moment. And the Joker, New 52 style? Outstanding.


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