Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 Review

Green Lantern's Light!

Written By: James Tynion IV, Geoff Johns, Cullen Bunn, Dennis O'Neil, Ron Marz, Peter J.Tomasi, Charlotte (Fullerton) McDuffie, ChrisCross, Robert Venditti, Mariko Tamaki, Sina Grace
Art By: Gary Frank, Steve Oliff, Tom Napolitano, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, Alex Sinclair, Rob Leigh, Doug Mahnke, David Baron, Carlos M. Mangual, Mike Grell, Lovern Kindzierski, Clem Robins, Darryl Banks, Hi-Fi, Josh Reed, Fernando Pasarin, Wade Von Grawbadger, Gabe Eltaeb, ChrisCross, Jordie Tarragona, Luis Guerrero, Steve Wands, Rafa Sandoval, Ivan Plascencia, Dave Sharpe, Mirka Andolfo, Arif Prianto, Gabriela Downie, Ramon Villalobos, Rico Renzi, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $9.99
Release Date: June 23, 2020

It's time for another Anniversary!...... they just keep on coming!  Yeah, we've had some delays for this to finally get to us, but boy can I tell you that it came out right on time in my mind.  It's been a while since we've had any real Lantern action going on in DC Comics, besides for what crazy stuff that Grant Morrison is up to in The Green Lantern and John Stewart having a weird-ass tattoo ring in Justice League and because we've been lacking in the emerald light, in my opinion, this Super Spectacular is a sight for sore eyes and I'm happy as hell as a Green Lantern fan to get it.

If you're a fan of a certain character I will always tell you to pick up one of these Anniversary issues, but it's the ones like the Robin Anniversary and this one that really makes me happy because of all the history and legacy that goes into characters like that and the idea that everyone has their favorite version of the mantle and you'll always get something you love represented out of these.  I'm personally a Kyle Rayner fan and the idea that DC got Ron Marz back to write a quick story about the original Torch Bearer that harkens back to Kyle's run as a solo Green Lantern, was something that brought a smile to my face and the best part about that is, that wasn't even the best story.  

There's a lot to love here, but like always, there's going to be stories that are better than others, which is a shame for people who may get something not so great when it comes to a character that you love, but we get a great diverse look at all the major Lanterns that are loved by many.  We've got Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Sinestro, Kilowog, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz all represented here and while Simon and Jessica's stories are a tad bit too centered on the one characteristic that defined them for when they first debuted and I would have liked to see more of a progression in their stories since we don't get a lot of them at all, beyond Jessica's adventures past the physical universe.  

All in all, I had a great time with this Anniversary issue, but more than anything it made me sad that we don't have more Lantern books and that so many beloved characters seen here are just floating out there in limbo, while the rest of the DC Universe continues to move on.  Each story for the most part was told and drawn really well, but the standouts in my mind are James Tynion IV, Geoff Johns and Robert Venditti's stories and that's just the tip of the iceberg of awesome that this Super Spectacular represents.  There's something for everyone here who's secretly or not so secretly recited the Green Lantern oath to themselves in the past or as something that acts as a mantra to start your mornings.  Like always, if you're a fan of the Green Lanterns, there's no reason you shouldn't be picking this up.

Bits and Pieces:

There's really no reason not to pick this issue up if the emerald light has ever tickled your fancy.  There's something for every Lantern fan in this issue, whether it's a character or a generation.  A lot of good memories, nostalgia and what feels like a complete love for these characters from the creative teams involved.  


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